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Kaiwei MBP acquired Morbidelli, Italy, into the track gene, the sports car market is also busy
Release date:2024.04.23

Recently, the ruthless person who dried the 150 water-cooled pedal to less than 10,000 - Kaiwei MBP, has a new action. Recently, it was revealed that it has acquired the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Morbidelli(Mobidelli) to expand its product line.

The Morbidelli brand comes from the golden age of explosive growth of motorcycle engine technology in the last century, created by Giancarlo Morbidelli in Pesaro, Italy; This is a brand that has been based in the competitive field of motorcycle racing since its inception and has also achieved some world-class glory in the past.

In 1975, Giancarlo Mobidelli won the world Manufacturers' and Drivers' championships in the 125cc category with Paolo Pileri. In the three years 1975-1977, Giancarlo Mobidelli won a total of seven world titles as driver and organiser, including the 250cc category with Mario Lega in 1977.

It is reported that after the acquisition of Morbidelli, the new headquarters will continue to be located in Bologna, and set up a new research and development center. The product range of the new brand will include 125cc to 500cc pedals and 125cc to 1,000cc sport models. It is revealed that the related models may be unveiled at the Beijing Motorcycle Show as soon as possible.

Kaiwei MBP products currently listed in the domestic market are mainly based on pedals, from this acquisition trend, the follow-up should be to lay out the sports car market; Kaiwei MBP some time ago at a price of about 9000 yuan, the launch of three 150 water-cooled pedals has attracted the attention of many riders, after the pedal field flips the table, what kind of new car will be launched is really a little expected ~

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