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Honda's new split line 125 on the market, priced from 11999 yuan, a new generation of commuter transport god car?
Release date:2024.04.23

Honda's new crack 125 after several exposure, today finally officially released, was named NS125RX new car has CBS, ABS two versions, the listing price of 11999 yuan, 12999 yuan.

The new NS125RX uses a new design language, and the front face seems to integrate the elements of Honda CBR sports car, the front LED light group + the design of the lamp eyebrows looks intense, and the side design is more layered than before.

The LED headlights are not a kind of CBR sports car feeling, the edge of the body on both sides of the body into the shape of sharp turn signals, taillight design three-dimensional sense is also strong.

The NS125RX also features a new ESP engine, which reduces weight by 13%(5kg) and improves stability. In addition, the power of the new engine is improved while the fuel consumption is also reduced, the maximum power is 7kW, and the fuel consumption is about 1.9L.


There are two corresponding kits for braking, the ABS version is equipped with the front 220mm single disc +Nissin double piston calipers and NissinABS; The other version is the CBS kit, but the drawback is that both rear brakes are drum brakes.

The loading capacity of the new NS125RX is also good, the bucket can fit a small full helmet, and the daily use of three-quarters of the helmet is stress-free; There are open storage boxes on both sides of the front of the body, which can put some personal items, and practical grocery hooks are also necessary.

In addition, Honda also equipped the new car with some practical packages, PGM-FI intelligent electric spray, I-STOP idle start and stop, ACG silent start, parking brake, emergency double flash and Smart Key smart key system.

CBS version has two colors, pearl black and white; ABS version has camellia red, volcanic ash, Yali gray, obsidian night black four paint.

The new NS125RX is Honda's first domestic 125cc pedal car equipped with ABS models, in the face of competition in the national market, which is also some new changes. After all, Honda is not known for its rich configuration, the real attraction is stable quality, and the new engine fuel consumption is lower, more stable, for those who want to save worry and fuel, leather endurance type of sports pedal, the new split line 125 May be a good choice.

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