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Motorcycle spark plug caused by the fault
Release date:2024.04.23

The spark plug of the motorcycle, commonly known as the "fire nozzle", is the final actuator of the ignition system, his role is to receive the high voltage of the high voltage packet, and produce a strong electric spark between the two electrodes to break down the mixture to detonate the mixture.

The spark plug is small in size, and most of it is buried in the cylinder, many owners may not know it, but will ignore it, in fact, it is also very important, if it is broken, your car is bound to be unable to start.

The spark plug is also a consumable, it needs to be replaced regularly, and some owners may say that my car has not changed the spark plug. This is not worth arguing about, just like the oil also needs to be changed regularly, if you never change the oil, in a certain mileage, not necessarily the car will immediately break down.

Spark plug common faults are mainly the following, like to explore the car friends can see, if the fault is suspected to spark plug, you can check it.

First, the motorcycle spark plug seal is poor. When the spark plug itself leaks gas, it often appears gray and black stripes on the outer surface of the insulator. Motorcycle spark plug leakage will not only overheat the spark plug, but also produce carbon deposits along the leakage part, reduce the insulation performance of the insulator, so that the spark plug electrode in the combustion chamber at high temperature gas ignition, thus burning the spark plug.

Second, the motorcycle spark plug loose. When the spark plug is not tightened or fixed loosely, it will affect the heat dissipation of the spark plug through the cylinder cover, causing the spark plug to overheat due to poor heat dissipation, resulting in ablation damage. Therefore, the spark plug should be fixed in accordance with the specified tightening torque during maintenance (the commonly used torque is: M10 thread 10 ~ 12N.m, M12 thread 15 ~ 20N.m, M14 thread 20 ~ 25N.m).

Third, the insulator is broken. Insulator breakage is usually caused by a strong collision or deflagration. During the spark plug fire test, there is no spark between the electrodes, but there is a "horn" discharge sound inside it, which can be judged as a fracture inside the insulator. The spark plug ignition after the rupture of the insulator will produce an anomaly, resulting in hot ignition, destroying the performance of the spark plug, once found should be replaced in time.

Fourth, if the spark plug cap and spark plug contact is poor. It will cause the current to rise abruptly during ignition and destroy the normal ignition function of the spark plug.

Five, with resistance spark plug. Some cars are originally equipped with a resistance value of the spark plug, if the replacement of the wrong choice of no resistance, the electromagnetic interference may affect the ignition system. If your car's ignition circuit is not working properly for some reason, or it will suddenly stall at random, you can consider whether this is the cause.

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