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Motorcycle accessories: The importance of cushioning
Release date:2024.04.23

First, the engine internal buffer components can not be ignored. If you want the machine to stay young forever, the necessary operation is smooth and the power output is moderate, then the power buffer parts are indispensable. Such as the popular, best-selling China's C100 engine, its internal buffer is designed on the clutch drum, four small springs make the main and slave moving vane's power transmission soft, if the spring is missing, it will cause the loose and the piece is vulnerable, the gear is easy to hit, the clutch drum is vulnerable, the main and auxiliary shaft bearings are vulnerable. For example, the most durable DX100 engine in the two-dash car, its buffer is also in the clutch drum, but it is four oil-resistant rubber blocks, they can make the power output slow, gear change without noise.

Second, the engine external buffer parts can not be underestimated. The seemingly unnecessary engine lifting parts should not be sloppy. For example, Jincheng 90, Chongqing 80 and other engines and fighting joints, each fixing bolt hole has the corresponding steel rubber combination sleeve, they are very important for the fixing of the machine. After missing installation, it will affect the stability of the engine, cause the engine to lose balance, cause the transmission chain to fall off easily, high-speed resonance, loud noise, and even cause the machine fixing bolts to loose and cut off. Most of the engines and fights of imported large-displacement vehicles are rubber flexible, and the lifting should pay attention to the unchangeable assembly method.

Third, the driven chain disk buffer can not be leaked. The rear wheel of a chain driven motorcycle is equipped with a buffer body, buffer rubber block or buffer rubber sleeve, and these seemingly insignificant accessories are very important. Many motorcycle friends due to the motorcycle driving is unfamiliar or long-term wrong operation driving, so that the clutch combination is blunt, often cause damage to the rear wheel buffer parts, such as, buffer block, buffer body rupture, buffer rubber sleeve wear, fall off (CB125T), If the above parts are seriously damaged and the new products are not replaced in time, the rear wheel will be stuck in the driving vehicle and the sprocket fixing bolt will be broken and the vehicle cannot move forward. What's more, the rear wheel buffer parts are missing or damaged seriously, causing sudden stuck rear wheels may also lead to damage to the internal parts of the engine, causing heavy losses.

Four, motorcycle shock absorber parts to timely maintenance. The front and rear suspension of the vehicle plays an important role in buffering the resistance from the ground, and it will seriously affect the driving safety if it is in disrepair. For example, the front shock absorber oil leakage causes the shock absorber to lose damping, a long time will cause the shock absorber spring to break, then the shock absorber will become an iron bar, at this time the vehicle driving on the uneven road is very easy to cause the wheel broken, aluminum wheel deformation, tire in case of foreign bodies. Rear suspension damping oil leakage or spring deformation and loss of elasticity will make the rear fork left and right support elastic uneven, the vehicle after driving for a long time after the fork will be deformed and unbalanced, resulting in the rear wheel is not correct, riding always feel the car to fall down, very unsafe. More serious, the serious damage to the front and back shock absorption can not be repaired in time, which will cause the welding fracture of the large frame, and the high-speed riding will cause undue traffic accidents.

Five, column buffer components are indispensable. Many vehicles front direction column and upper link plate, a large number of flexible combination assembly, such as AX100 (Jincheng, Haojue, Changling), Jincheng 90, Qianjiang 100 (AX100, C100, DX100 machine) riding bikes, these cars because the direction column has a buffer rubber sleeve, the rider will be more comfortable, long-distance riding no longer fatigue. If the buffer is damaged here, the direction of the vehicle will be out of alignment.

Six, motorcycle rubber binding parts can not be ignored. There are rubber parts at the joint of the plastic covering parts, the large frame, the fuel tank and other parts, and the leakage installation will cause the fuel tank to wear and leak oil for a long time, and the plastic parts are easy to break if they are hard combined and bumpy for a long time. Several rubber tips under the saddle are gently attached to the frame, which greatly mitigates the momentum from the ground. There is also a rubber bead pressed under the rear of the muffler, which prevents the main support of the vehicle from bouncing up and breaking the exhaust muffler.

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