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How to maintain motorcycle chain? Pure dry goods!
Release date:2024.04.29

Motorcycles have chain drive, shaft drive and belt drive three ways, these transmission methods have advantages and disadvantages, of which the chain drive is the most common. So how to check, maintain, adjust the chain is very important, today we take a look at the relevant maintenance knowledge

1. Maintenance time point

a. If you ride normally in the daily commute on urban roads, there is no sediment, generally about 3,000 kilometers of cleaning and maintenance once

b. If you go out to play in the mud, there is obvious sediment, it is recommended to wash off the sediment immediately, dry and then put on the lubricating oil

c. If the chain oil will be lost after driving at high speed or in rainy days, it is also recommended that maintenance must be carried out at this time

d. If the chain has accumulated a layer of oil, should be cleaned immediately maintenance

2. Chain adjustment

1000 ~ 2000 km to confirm the condition of the chain, tightness suitable value (depending on the type of vehicle), if there is more than, must be adjusted tension

The normal value of the general vehicle is about 25~35mm. However, whether it is a general road vehicle or an off-road vehicle, the tightness of each vehicle is different. Be sure to refer to the vehicle's instruction manual to adjust to the most appropriate tightness


Not too loose, not too tight. If the tightness of the chain is not appropriate, the chain may fall off from the tooth disk, causing the rear wheel to jam

The chain is too tight will also affect the normal operation of the vehicle, at this time it will bear too much tension, causing the chain to break

3. Cleaning of chain

If you do it yourself, bring your own tools: chain cleaner, towel, brush and sink

After hanging the neutral gear, manually turn the wheel slowly (do not hang the low gear running, easy to hurt fingers), and spray the cleaning agent on. To avoid splashing the cleaning agent on other parts, cover them with a towel. In addition, when spraying a large amount of cleaning agent, please place the sewage basin below

If there is stubborn dirt, please use a brush to clean the dirt. Steel brush will damage the chain, do not use, even if the use of a soft brush, it may hurt the oil seal, please use caution. After scrubbing the chain with a brush, wipe it clean with a towel

4. Lubrication of chain

When lubricating the oil seal chain, please use the chain oil containing lubricating ingredients and oil seal protection ingredients. When spraying lubricating oil, please prepare the following tools: chain oil, towel, sewage basin

In order to allow the chain oil to penetrate into the gap of each link, slowly turn the wheel at a distance of 3 to 10cm each time, and evenly spray the chain with the chain oil. To prevent other parts from getting on, cover them with a towel. In case of excessive spraying, please place the sewage basin below for centralized collection and treatment. After the chain is evenly sprayed with chain oil, use a towel to wipe off excess grease

Filling position:

a. Between the inner and outer chain pieces

b. Between the inner chain and the roller

5. Chain replacement time

The oil seal chain is in good condition, about 20000 kilometers, and the non-oil seal chain is about 5000 kilometers. When replacing the chain, be sure to confirm the style of the chain and whether there is an oil seal (the above distance is in the good state of the chain, depending on the type of vehicle, style conditions and maintenance conditions)

[Key point] What is the case when the chain is stretched?

Commonly known as "chain stretching", in fact, it is not the inner and outer chain pieces are slowly stretched, but the continuous friction between the pin and the roller, resulting in the gap between the shaft and the inner pin. Because the gap is longer, the "chain is longer"


What is longer chain? !

Even if the wear of 1 chain is only 0.1mm, 100 chain items: 0.1mm x 100 = 1cm, it will be elongated by 1cm

If the chain is stretched:

a. Reduced handling and riding experience

b. Fuel consumption will increase

c. The chain noise will become louder

6. Check regularly

Wear is not easily noticeable, so check the condition of the chain regularly. If the chain exceeds the use limit, even adjusting the chain length can not improve the bad condition. The most serious cases will drop the chain, cut, and then a major accident, so it is important to pay attention

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