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What's wrong with the motorcycle headlights not working?
Release date:2024.04.29

Motorcycle lighting system failure rate is relatively high, the main cause of failure is loose wire connection, poor contact, short circuit, iron, short circuit and regulator voltage adjustment is too high. When the headlight is not on, first find out if one bulb is not on, or all the bulbs are not on:

1, if all the bulbs are not bright, should be electric horn test whether there is electricity;

2, if the electric horn sounds, indicating that the fault occurs in the light switch to the power wiring;

3, if the electric horn does not sound, indicating that the fault occurs in the power switch to the power line, at this time can be used to take the iron fire test method, the lamp switch terminal post and related wires, in order to check whether there is a short circuit;

4, if the lamp switch power terminal test is good, should remove the light bulb to check whether the filament is burned, when the light bulb is good, and then check whether the copper on the lamp socket due to bending deformation and poor contact with the lamp tail, can adjust the copper and its contact. picture

In addition, if the light bulb is normal, there seems to be no problem on the line, you can use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage is normal, and find the source problem from the voltage.

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