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The motorcycle oil spillway drips oil outwards
Release date:2024.04.29

There are many reasons why the lights are not bright enough, but there are fewer reasons why they are not bright enough before, which can be summarized as follows:

One is the use of too much power, too high voltage bulbs. In the case of constant power of the power generation coil and rectifier, the use of high-power bulbs not only can not improve the brightness, but also because the power supply current is not enough, but also lead to a serious decline in brightness, and the effect is not worth the loss.

The second is the switch or line leakage. When the motorcycle is used for a long time, the line bundling is loose, the wires rub against each other, and it is easy to wear the insulation layer and cause leakage.

Third, the switch contact and wire connector are not in good contact, and the conduction is not good. This is also an important factor, many motorcycles are used for a long time, the switch contact will oxidize, so that the contact resistance increases a lot, limiting the power supply current, resulting in a decrease in headlamp brightness.

Fourth, the magneto lighting coil is damaged, and the voltage emitted is insufficient. This situation mainly corresponds to the model of AC headlamp, due to the drop in power generation voltage, the brightness of the headlamp naturally decreases.

The above listed are common reasons, determine whether the fault occurs in the lighting circuit or magneto lighting coil, but also need to analyze the specific situation. The method of detecting whether the line is normal is as follows: disassemble the output connector of the magneto lighting coil, and then connect the battery with sufficient power to the lighting circuit, and the brightness of the headlamp and taillight is normal, indicating that the lighting circuit is fault-free.

The fault is easy to lock the magneto, and then start the engine, increase the throttle, measure the output voltage of the lighting coil, if not more than 12V, turn off the measurement coil resistance, if less than 0.2Ω, it indicates that there is a short circuit inside the coil.

The solution is very simple, either replace the magneto stator coil, or change the AC headlamp to the DC headlamp can be solved.

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