market dynamics
The motorcycle suddenly lost its strength
Release date:2024.04.29

Reason analysis: vehicle power shortage, involving many factors. According to the conventional driving only 2000km of the car, the piston and piston ring should be no problem, and the owner said, in strict accordance with the running-in period of operation and driving. In response to the user's repeated requests, the replacement work.

During the replacement process, I talked to the user and learned that 1 liter of oil had been added to the gear transmission before the fault occurred. At this point, finally understand the cause of the failure.

The vehicle transmission gear transmission filling standard should be 450ml gear oil, and the user mixed 900ml oil on the basis of 450ml gear oil, so that the internal operation resistance of the transmission box increased and power consumption.

Elimination method: All the mixed oil in the transmission gear transmission is released, cleaned with gasoline, and re-loaded with 450ml gear oil. Start engine test, power performance and acceleration performance return to normal, the fault is eliminated.

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