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Common faults and maintenance of scooter wading riding in rainy season
Release date:2024.05.09

In recent years, continuous heavy rain in southern China has led to landslides and urban waterlogging events. The death toll from the landslide on the Meida Expressway has risen to 48. Since Guangdong does not allow motorcycles on the highway, there should be no reports of motorcycle casualties in the collapse.

In the rainy season, motorcycles are generally still in urban waterlogging, and wading and riding lead to vehicle damage. Especially pedal motorcycles, low air intake, wading riding is more dangerous. Generally, the average scooter air intake is about 45 cm from the ground, and the vent is about 25 cm from the ground, which has two tricks: first, the water depth of more than 40 cm will not wade through the water in the past. The second is that the water is below 40 cm, as long as the engine is not turned off halfway, it can still go through, and once the engine is turned off halfway, it is determined not to start the vehicle.

Because, when the water depth is lower than the air intake, but higher than the exhaust port, as long as the vehicle is not turned off, the possibility of water pouring into the engine combustion chamber is still small. So why do some of them die in the middle? Because the splash of water on the road is also easy to be sucked into the air intake, when a small amount of water enters the combustion chamber, the water will be vaporized, but at the same time, it will quickly cool the combustion chamber, so that the gasoline carbonization condenses on the valve, resulting in the valve closing is not strict, thus making the engine stall.

If it is such a failure, as long as the engine cylinder head and cylinder liner are removed, carbon accumulation is cleaned, and the valve is ground, the engine can basically return to normal work.

After the motorcycle wading ride, even if the engine is not turned off, the vehicle can work normally, or you need to go to the maintenance station for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. If the air filter element is wet with water, it is easy to lead to poor intake, resulting in carbon deposition, which needs to be replaced. Oil gear oil after water will occur emulsification phenomenon, also need to be replaced. The transmission box needs to be cleaned, and both front and rear hub bearings need to be checked and lubricated to prevent rust.

In short, wading riding is the need to have a wealth of experience and maintenance awareness, in order to achieve the safety of people and vehicles, motorcycles are flexible means of transportation, in the face of the road we are not familiar with, more do not wade riding, would rather go around a little, better than failure.

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