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V cylinder 250cc, single rocker arm! 1.6 Universal win?
Release date:2024.05.09

Some time ago just said that the street car seems not so "fragrant", Ben da came to a big move, recently was exposed to declare a V-cylinder 250cc new street car, Ben da not only design cruise strong, the street car shape this seems to have something.

Benta's new V-cylinder 250 street car is a little different from the current mainstream street car, there is no excessive emphasis on simple body, the design of the tank to the engine area has the feeling of the previous Ducati 821, and the air intakes on both sides highlight a bit of muscle.

The tail design of the new car has the same point of view, the back seat appearance is relatively flat, not like other sports street cars so warps, and below this level of street cars rare single rocker arm, double exhaust, circular taillights is a little easy to play.

For the 250cc street car of the same class, Benda's new street car has another highlight, that is, it is equipped with a V-twin engine, and the V2 engine will be less vibration than the single-cylinder 250 and in-line two-cylinder 250 on the market, and can provide higher power output.

Of course, because the heat dissipation of the V-cylinder is relatively weak, the air intakes on both sides of the tank may not only be decorative, but also expected to have a practical role; In addition, there appears to be a small set of deflectors in the middle of the frame.

Other aspects are also above the level, inverted front fork, radial four-piston calipers, ABS and double throttle cable and so on.

According to the speed of Ben da, this V-cylinder 250 street car may debut at the end of the year, Greystone 250 listed price is 16980 yuan, this V-cylinder 250 street car is expected to be the same price range, Ben Da in the cruise field volume, this time in the street car will bring what kind of surprise, let us wait and see ~

Some time ago, 100 Greystone 250 offline delivery is still vivid, it is reported that if not for the lack of production capacity, the delivery scene can be larger, the quality of the network seems to be not plaguing Ben Da, the cost performance is prominent enough or attractive, perhaps less money is real.

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