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The two-cylinder White Arrow 801 is here, a new look, and Huswana has changed designers?
Release date:2024.05.09

After releasing the first two-cylinder model of the black and white Arrow series, the Svartpilen 801, Huswana has recently tested another new car on the same platform, the Vitpilen 801, which has some new changes in the shape of the White Arrow 801.

The new white arrow 801 did not continue this series of big round lamp design, the new light group has a cyberpunk sense of the future, Huswana is worthy of KTM family, recently some new car shape is more and more advanced, the new car is not good, personality is really full.

The riding triangle of the new white arrow 801 has also changed, the new car does not seem to use the low separate handlebar design, the foot position is also adjusted, the ergonomics is relatively friendly than the low lying posture of the old model, and the comfort of the riding experience is expected to improve.

The power of the white Arrow 801 is also provided by the 799cc two-cylinder engine, the official design of a new radiator, the power output is still based on sports driving, other aspects are adjustable WP suspension, Easy Shift two-way fast platoon and so on.

Judging from the real cars shown so far, the Huswana Vitpilen 801 should be available soon, what do you think of the new two-cylinder White Arrow?

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