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What if the motorcycle can't start after a few days of parking?
Release date:2024.05.09

When the motorcycle is parked for a few days, it is very difficult to start, and the engine returns to a standstill after breathing breathlessly for a while, how can it not start. Experienced people naturally try to start the engine by pushing the cart, this method seems easy, in fact, there is still a trick.

First of all, we must determine whether the cause of the failure to start is a circuit problem or other problems, it is not difficult to distinguish, twist the car key to the [ON] position, check the horn and headlights, if the horn does not sound, the headlights are not bright, indicating that the battery is running out of power.

This is because the battery capacity of the motorcycle is small, and after parking for a period of time due to continuous self-discharge, the power is insufficient. This is no big deal, as long as the motorcycle starts and the battery is fully charged for a certain distance.

Of course, if the battery has died, it can not be charged normally after starting, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, in addition to the stepless scooter, other motorcycles can use the way to start the engine quickly.

The specific methods are as follows:

First of all, do a few warm-up exercises to stretch the muscles and avoid overexertion and muscle strain;

Then push the motorcycle out of the parking position and prepare to push towards the road with at least 10m straight distance ahead;

Then check the fuel supply system. Is there enough fuel in the fuel tank?

Is the gasoline shape set to the open position?

After the preparation work, straddle the motorcycle, the transmission into 2 gear (generally in 2 or 3 gear is the easiest to start), but the engine is not running when the second gear may be a little trouble, as long as the motorcycle can be swayed back and forth a few times to easily into gear.

After entering the second gear, in the case of clutch engagement, and then vigorously shake the motorcycle back and forth a few times, make full use of the weight of the motorcycle itself will be piston ring and cylinder wall lubrication, to reduce the starting resistance, but also to avoid the crankshaft is difficult to start the top dead center or bottom dead center position, help the cart start the car.

Then, get off and lean ON the left side of the car body, hold the direction handle with both hands, keep the second gear, pull the choke door up a little, twist the car key to [ON] position, hold the clutch lever with your left hand at the same time, disengage the clutch, and slowly push the car forward;

When the car reaches the highest possible speed, release the clutch and turn the throttle, and the engine will start.

At the same time, immediately and quickly disengage the clutch and hold the accelerator, and the right index and middle fingers operate the front brake to brake the front wheels and stop the car.

Put the transmission in neutral with the right foot, put down the parking support, and let the car idle for 2-3 minutes, then you can start. If you are skilled, you can start the engine by pushing the car 5 meters forward.

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