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What does Tornado552R look like at over a thousand kilometres?
Release date:2024.05.16

Many people think that if Tornado552R wants to remove the tank, it must remove the front of the guide hood. In fact, it is not necessary, as long as the side strips on both sides are removed, and the screws surrounding the plastic fixed to the tank are removed, and the tank can be removed.

After the fuel tank is removed, the double cradle frame of Tornado552R is immediately exposed. It can be seen that, because of the depth of the cradle frame, the lines of Tornado552R can be well hidden in the three-dimensional structure of the frame, and not many lines are shown there. Because there is sufficient wiring space, the lines of Tornado552R can be scattered. If the excessively concentrated lines are not fixed well, friction between the lines or between the lines and the frame will easily occur, and over time, the line will fail. Tornado552R seems to avoid this and has fixed cable ties stuck on almost all visible lines.

Although the wiring aspect of Tornado552R is good enough, the technical beauty of the whole wiring is still lacking, which I hope Benelli can improve. In the whole moving parts of the pipeline direction, Benali Tornado552R is quite in place, such as the front and rear shock absorption pipeline arrangement, there is also quite a technical beauty, of course, I still found a shortage, that is, the clutch line and the spring clip of the water pipe together, it is supposed to have a sleeve outside the clutch line, and there is no displacement space between the pipe spring. However, if you grip the clutch handle, the clutch line will still move a little, over time, I found that there is still a gravure on the sleeve of the clutch line, as long as the clutch line is fixed on the frame, it can be perfectly solved.

After running a thousand kilometers, Tornado552R brake blocks and brake discs are very normal, after all, Brembo calipers, not only give the vehicle a handy brake, there is no jammed brake phenomenon or excessive wear of the brake block. The Marzucci suspension has a telescopic range of about 6 centimeters, which is also moderate. Pirelli's Angel GT had a bit of wear on the crown, which shows that the car's grip is OK. If the tyres are not worn at all, although they are resistant to wear, they can easily slip on wet roads. The chassis of the car is clean and clean, at least two points, one is that the chassis height is also OK, and the other is that there is no engine leakage. The chain of this car is DID, the tooth plate is Qianjiang's own matching factory, a thousand kilometers, how also have to wash a chain, on the point of chain wax ah.

Looking at the inside of Tornado552R and the use of 1000 km of the various parts, shows that Tornado552R is also regarded as both inside and outside repair, for the pursuit of speed, care about the level of appearance, advocate configuration of sports car youth, even if it is the first car in life is a good choice.

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