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28/5000 The three main reasons for the poor acceleration transition of the motorcycle carburetor are that the fuel door wants to turn off
Release date:2024.06.05

Some riders' motorcycles, after starting, in the process of starting acceleration, with the opening of the throttle, the engine speed fluctuates greatly, and there is a feeling of sudden onset, or with the increase of the throttle, the engine not only does not speed up, but there is a trend of stalling. If you have this phenomenon on your motorcycle, then read on.

Cause the above phenomenon, the oil circuit and the circuit are possible, today we discuss the carburetor if there is a problem, cause this phenomenon.

In the process of accelerating the motorcycle from the start to normal driving, for the carburetor, its internal working process is actually a stage in which the idle oil system oil supply gradually decreases and the main oil system oil supply continues to increase. This stage is called the transition stage of carburetor work in the industry. In order to make the oil supply connection between the idle oil system and the main oil system smooth, the transitional oil system is set up to ensure the smoothness of the starting process of the motorcycle.

So, if this phenomenon occurs, what causes it in general? How to eliminate it?

There are usually three possible causes:

1, the relevant measuring hole or oil circuit is partially blocked

Cause: Due to the idle metering hole, idle oil circuit, main metering hole, transition hole and other related oil circuit partial blockage, the carburetor related oil system oil supply is thin, resulting in poor transition.

Elimination method: decomposition and comprehensive cleaning carburetor can be.

2, the main measuring hole foam tube is blocked

Reason: The role of the carburetor foam tube is to promote the mixing of gasoline and air, and after the foam hole on the foam tube is blocked by impurities, the mixing effect of gasoline and air is reduced, and the atomization quality is decreased, resulting in poor transition.

Elimination method: decomposition and comprehensive cleaning carburetor can be.

3. Improper idle speed adjustment

Reason: The carburetor oil supply in the transition process mainly comes from the idle oil system, if the idle speed is improperly adjusted, it will affect the transition performance.

Elimination method: Adjust the idle speed adjusting screw to ensure normal operation. The specific method is: first fix the plunger to the engine speed slightly higher than the normal idle speed, rotate the idle speed adjustment screw left and right, find the maximum speed when the plunger position, slightly adjust the plunger adjustment screw, so that the engine speed is reduced and then find the maximum speed, so repeat, until the maximum speed of a plunger position is equal to the vehicle standard idle speed.

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