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The common sudden failure in motorcycle driving and its solution
Release date:2024.06.12

First, engine problems

1. Remove from heat

Possible causes: engine overheating, ignition system failure (such as spark plug damage, ignition coil problems), fuel supply problems (such as oil line blockage, carburetor failure), circuit failure, etc.

Solution: Check the engine temperature, if overheating then stop cooling; Check ignition system and replace damaged parts if necessary; Clean the oil circuit and carburetor; Check circuit connections to ensure stability.

2. Lack of motivation

Possible causes: engine wear, abnormal valve clearance, piston ring wear resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure.

Solution: Replace worn engine parts and adjust valve clearance.

Two, circuit failure

1. The circuit suddenly loses power

Possible causes: The plug is loose, the circuit is aging, and the fuse is blown.

Solution: Check the plug and line, reconnect or replace; Replace the fuse.

2. The battery is low

Possible cause: The battery is old and not charged in time.

Solution: Replace the battery or charge it in time.

Three, the oil supply system failure

1. Insufficient fuel

Possible cause: The fuel in the tank is exhausted or the oil line is blocked.

Coping method: timely replenishment of fuel, clean oil circuit.

2. Carburetor problem

Possible causes: Clogged carburetor, abnormal mixture concentration.

Solution: Clean the carburetor and adjust the mixture screw.

Four, brake system problems

Brake failure

Possible causes: leakage of brake oil, excessive wear of brake pads.

Solution: Check the brake oil pipe and replace the brake oil; Replace the brake pads.

5. Other common faults

1. The clutch is faulty

Possible cause: The clutch disc is worn or the clutch line is broken.

Solution: Replace the clutch disc, repair or replace the clutch line.

2. Tire problems

Possible causes: Low tire pressure, tire wear.

Solution: Check and adjust the tire pressure, and replace the severely worn tires.

3. The chain falls off

Possible causes: The chain is loose, the chain does not match the gear.

Solution: Adjust the tightness of the chain and replace the matching chain and gear.

4. Mechanical failure

Possible wide range of problems, such as abnormal valve clearance, piston ring wear, crankcase oil seal damage, etc.

Solution: Check and adjust the relevant parts, and replace them if necessary.

When these sudden failures occur in the motorcycle, we should keep calm and take appropriate measures according to the type of failure and the specific situation to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. At the same time, regular maintenance and inspection of motorcycles to prevent the occurrence of failures.

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