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Ninjia400 Kawasaki burning clutch is a human problem or a car problem?
Release date:2024.06.20

A Ninjia400, manufactured in February 2021, had a serious burning and clutch phenomenon after driving 2846 kilometers. Disassemble the clutch of this car, you can see that there is a serious ablation phenomenon inside, and the clutch gland bearings have turned purple. The clutch disc is also all burned black, and the bottom cover and gland of the clutch small hub are also obviously worn. Such a serious ablation performance in the state of the vehicle is to hang a first gear can be very slow to go a little, hang second gear above the basic do not go.

There are 5 clutch plates of Ninjia400, of which 3 are narrow clutch plates and 2 are wide clutch plates. Among them, the two narrow clutch plates installed on the outermost side are the most seriously burned, indicating that the two narrow clutch plates on the outer side are the most easily burned when Ninjia400 holds the clutch and when the engine speed and gear spindle speed change.

The way to solve the problem of burning clutch pieces is to replace the strengthened clutch hub assembly, the strengthened clutch hub has 6 clutch pieces, of which 4 wide clutch pieces, two narrow clutch pieces, because of the increase of a clutch piece, so the bottom cover thickness of the small hub has increased by 3 mm, so the improved clutch hub, the friction between the clutch pieces is greatly enhanced, It is not easy to occur clutch wear phenomenon.

Some people think that the posterior dental disc of Ninjia400 should be enlarged, so that the phenomenon of burning and disconnecting is not easy to occur. In fact, the enlarged posterior dental disc is only a symptom but not a cure. The root cause is to change the strengthened clutch small hub.

It can be seen that the reason why Kawasaki Ninjia400 burns clutch pieces, I think the main reason is that the design of the clutch is not endurance, and the driving habits of the owner is a secondary reason, why other 400 displacement sports cars do not see the phenomenon of burning clutch? Those who say that the Ninjia40 burner is a normal phenomenon or put all the responsibility on the driver, in fact, it is the performance of the dealer to shirk responsibility.

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