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Why do most EFI motorcycles use double valve lines?
Release date:2024.06.20

Many EFI motorcycles are double valve line, and many manufacturers also use double valve line as a gimmick to promote, although said as a gimmick to promote a bit too much, but for EFI motorcycles, double throttle must be safer than a single valve line, this is true, I use a fact case to explain the reason.

The owner of a Honda e-shadow 110 who rode for 8 years came to Master Luo to replace the valve line, saying that the valve line was too tight, but after Master Luo checked it was not the reason for the valve line, but the throttle fault.

The owner does some business in the market, usually the vehicle is used frequently, the vehicle often rides in the mud, and the mud water in the area he drives is relatively high in salt. For eight years, his motorcycle has not cleaned the valve, under the dual action of carbon accumulation and mud corrosion, the throttle shaft of the motorcycle throttle valve has become very stuck, if it is a single valve line, his motorcycle would have been flying fast, the consequences are unimaginable.

The original carburetor motorcycle, carburetor on the throttle shaft, there is no electric injection motorcycle throttle shaft to do fine, so the carburetor motorcycle with double valve line is relatively small, and the electric injection motorcycle throttle shaft not only to drive the throttle valve opening and closing, but also drive the throttle valve opening sensor, so the precision requirements of the accessories are high, general manufacturers in order to prevent the throttle valve lag, In addition to setting the double throttle, the rear wheel of the motorcycle should be set up with an anti-mud skin or anti-mud board, the purpose is to prevent the mud water of the rear wheel from being thrown to the throttle, thereby accelerating the corrosion of the throttle shaft. However, many maintenance workers always think that the anti-mud skin or anti-mud board does not have much effect, and it is dropped, and it is not repaired or replaced in time, so it is more likely to occur the accelerator of the motorcycle.

To be sure, if the electric spray pedal motorcycle is not a double valve line, the rear wheel is not set up mud board, such a pedal motorcycle is a motorcycle with safety hazards, and the quality is not much better.

Therefore, in order to prevent the valve line stuck phenomenon, the use of a more harsh environment of the EFI motorcycle, it is necessary to regularly clean the throttle, to strengthen the repair and replacement of the rear wheel mud plate. The throttle lag phenomenon should be repaired in time to avoid safety accidents.

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