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Motorcycle brake system maintenance, not only accessories to use genuine, maintenance accessories should also use genuine!
Release date:2024.06.20

The average owner does not know when to change the brake pads of his motorcycle, and some motorcycle brake pads with the naked eye is not good to check whether excessive wear damage, but there are also surface phase, such as the Sanyang cruise 150, driving more than 13,000 kilometers, when braking, the rear brake issued a very harsh noise, and there are obvious scratches on the brake disc, This basically can be judged that the brake pads have been worn to the friction between the iron and the brake disc.

Remove the rear brake pump to pay attention to the rear brake pump placed in the gap position between the rear wheel spokes to remove the brake pump, after the brake pump removed, it was found that the rear brake pad has been worn out, is the friction brake sheet and the brake disc, which is why there is brake noise.

We replace it with cable resistance ceramic brake pads, ceramic brake pads have good braking performance, fast heat dissipation, durable and other effects, when installing brake pads, pay attention to the positioning of the brake pad spring, must be pressed under the positioning pin of the brake pad, otherwise the brake pad can not be positioned, it will produce the phenomenon of grinding the brake disc.

After the rear brake pads are replaced, it is certainly necessary to check the front brake pads, remove the front brake pump, and find two brake pads, one side is almost no wear, and the other side is seriously worn, indicating that the guide shaft of the front brake fixed caliper can not be returned due to rust. Must be removed to remove the rust lubrication, first to the guide shaft spray WD-40 rust remover, although WD-40 is more expensive, but the rust removal effect is good, it is not easy to corrode the sealing rubber of the shaft, and the rust remover is almost hard to say.

It is not easy to remove the front brake fixed calipers, the guide shaft is seriously rusted, rust removal with sandpaper, and then coated with Japanese COSMO grease, this brand of grease is higher than ordinary butter, you know, when the brake pump works, sometimes it can reach several hundred degrees of high temperature, ordinary butter is easy to roast carbonization, lose lubrication.

After the front and rear brake pads are installed, the vehicle is tested again, the vehicle brake is sensitive, and the brake noise is eliminated. It can be seen that when it comes to the maintenance and maintenance of the braking system for driving safety, we not only need to use good accessories, but also use regular brand products even if it is maintenance accessories, so as to make the braking system work foolproof!

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