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Should I put 92 or 95 on my motorcycle? Did you put it right?
Release date:2024.06.20

Now, more and more people like motorcycles, even if the family already has a car, many people will choose a motorcycle to commute. For many novice riders, what number of gasoline should be added to their motorcycles? I believe many people will have this question.

So today, let's talk about what number of gasoline you should put on your motorcycle. First of all, there are generally two kinds of motorcycle refueling, 92 and 95, and the biggest factor that determines the number of oil to be added to the motorcycle is the compression ratio of the engine. Usually small displacement motorcycles, like 125 pedal class, compression ratio is mostly below 10:1, then add 92 oil is enough, and some large displacement motorcycles, compression ratio is mostly above 11:1, so add 95 oil is more appropriate.

So what's the essential difference between oil 92 and oil 95? Then the combustion antiknock value is different, the higher the label, the better the antiknock. In simple terms, the compression ratio is the ratio of the engine cylinder volume to the combustion chamber volume, the greater the compression ratio, the better the explosive power, the acceleration at the same displacement, and the fuel consumption will be better. However, the engine with a high compression ratio is more prone to knock and other failures, so the requirements for the gasoline label are higher, and the 95 oil is more fully burned and stable, and for the motorcycle with a high compression ratio, it is necessary to use 95 or more oil.

For motorcycles with a compression ratio below 10:1, adding 95 oil is completely unnecessary, although it can also be added, but the effect and 92 will not change, from an economic point of view, or 92 oil is suitable.

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