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Analysis of the reasons for the decline of the motorcycle domestic market!
Release date:2024.06.27

   In the first half of this year, the total domestic sales of motorcycles fell by 400,000 units compared with last year is a foregone conclusion, if this decline continues, the total domestic sales this year will fall by more than 800,000 units, compared with last year's domestic sales decline of 20%, which is an amazing range. What has caused such a sharp decline this year?

First of all, the economic environment is one of the primary reasons, everyone is difficult to make money, natural consumption will be a lot of caution, large consumption, can not want to consumption naturally will stop first. Motorcycle consumption, the starting price is more than 6000, not to mention tens of thousands of large displacement, for ordinary consumers should be regarded as a large consumption, can not buy as much as possible will not buy.

Secondly, as a road motorcycle with a displacement of less than 150, it is easily replaced by cheaper electric motorcycles. The average family has a car plus an electric car can solve all the needs of urban commuting. Why do you need a motorcycle? Those groups that use motorcycles as a tool, such as the takeout and delivery personnel in the city, used to use motorcycles, but now the employment situation is not good, the number of people engaged in takeout express is increasing, everyone is competitive, and they began to calculate the cost of transportation, so they were replaced by electric vehicles.

For large-displacement fun motorcycles, with the rapid growth of the first two years, the ownership has gradually increased, the number of second-hand car transactions has also begun to increase, and now many motorcycle enthusiasts have begun to buy second-hand motorcycles to meet their dreams of playing cars, so the number of domestic sales of fun motorcycles is naturally affected. Moreover, with the advancement of urbanization, the population siphon effect of large and medium-sized cities, the population of third - and fourth-tier cities is decreasing, the population of first-tier and second-tier cities is increasing, and almost all first-tier and second-tier cities are banned, so the groups with the most consumption power of motorcycles are blocked in the motorcycle consumption, so the motorcycle ban is the biggest obstacle to the development of the motorcycle industry!

Finally, the psychological expectation of price reduction has also temporarily hindered some people's motorcycle consumption, people generally have the psychology of buying up and not buying down, real estate and the stock market are all so, the current motorcycle market price is unstable, the price cut one after another, no one is willing to be leek cut, so, there are quite a few people holding the psychology of waiting to see.

Unless the policy changes (such as the lifting of the ban in the city), the current situation of motorcycle sales in the short term to improve almost impossible. Therefore, dealers should be prepared for long-term difficulties in market sales, stretch the profit chain as far as possible, work hard from used car trading, maintenance services, riding equipment and other aspects, and open up physical stores and online and other multi-customer approaches to build their own business core competitiveness, in order to be invincible, in the next three years, more than 30% of motorcycle dealers may switch or go out. This is not scaremongering!

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