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Motorcycle chain maintenance knowledge
Release date:2019.08.08

1. When should you lubricate the transmission chain? Your user manual has instructions on the interval time, but it is not recommended to do that.

2.There are a lot of options and a lot of Suggestions about what to use, but the truth is that different environments need different lubricants, and if you're cycling in a rainy area, you'll need different lubricants than you would in a dry area.

3. Some tools are needed to do the job: a rag, kerosene chain cleaner that won't hurt the o-ring seals, an old toothbrush or special chain cleaner, a rear wheel holder, chain grease, a piece of paper, and rubber gloves.

Look out of the chain after a long run, has get a lot of dark and dirty on sand and silt, lead to the chain oil lubricity worse and worse, put the car up, the rear wheel off the ground will make work simple and easy, if the chain is dirty, to clean out the prior to the lubrication, if is not very dirty, then spray cleaner on cloth to wipe, if dirty, it needs to put the detergent in the above, and then use the brush carefully, let the chain through the brush.

Upper chain oil cycle:

Suggest 200-300 kilometers, spray once, spray a circle can, not more spray. Or long distance, the night before the departure of a spray, if it is a long journey, it is recommended to bring direct chain oil. Especially remind the riders, after riding in rainy weather, the best time chain oil. Because of the washing effect of rain, the chain is easy to interfere.

How to adjust the motorcycle chain correctly?

(1) adjust to keep looseness of motorcycle chain in 15 mm to 20 mm advisable, regularly check the buffer body bearing and filling grease on time, because of the bearing of the working environment is bad, without lubrication, the possibility of damage, bearing, once damaged, will cause the gear disk tilt, light make tooth flank wear plate chain, or make the chain fall off easily.

(2) adjust the chain when the press frame chain adjustment scale set, also apply eye observation before and after the tooth plate and chain whether in a straight line, because the frame or the rear fork if received damage, deformation, and according to its scale will adjust the chain into a myth, mistakenly assume that tooth plate chain in a straight line, actually linearity is broken, so the check is very important (had better adjust to remove the chain box), one thousand found that the problem should be corrected immediately, from the edge, to ensure foolproof.