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Maintenance of ignition signal system and replacement of fuse
Release date:2019.08.19

1. Maintenance of ignition system

(1) check and replace spark plugs.

  •  take off the spark plug cap, clear the surrounding debris.

  • with the car with spark plug socket wrench remove spark plug.

  • with iron chisel clear spark plug carbon accumulation, with the brush to clear the spark plug sundry.

  •  check whether the spark plug electrode ablation, such as ablation, should be replaced spark plug.

  •  Check the spark plug gap with thickness gauge, adjust the spark plug gap to 0.6 ~ 0.7 mm.

  • check the spark plug gasket, if serious deformation or fracture, should be replaced.

  •  spark inspection: foot start engine, check the color of sparks, sparks should be blue and white.

  • Today when the spark plug screw tight, in order to prevent thread chaos buckle, should first put the spark plug screw in place, and then screw tight with the spark plug sleeve.

(2) removal of spark plug carbon and oil pollution.

Soak the spark plug in gasoline or kerosene, scrape the carbon and oil stains around the skirt with a non-metallic scraper, then clean it with gasoline or kerosene, and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

If the spark plug cannot be completely embedded or locked, steel wire can be used to clean the threaded part and remove the rust and charcoal residue above.

(3) adjustment of spark plug electrode gap.

Generally with thickness gauge or steel wire to do the special gap gauge measurement. If the value is not between 0.6 ~ 0.8 mm, gently pull the side electrode to adjust, gently force, so as not to break or fall off the side electrode.

(4) check the relay contact clearance.

Turn the flywheel counterclockwise until the maximum opening of the relay contact clearance. Check the clearance with thickness gauge between 0.3 and 0.4 mm. Relays smaller than 0.3 mm should be replaced.

(5) check ignition timing.

Press the ignition timing lamp switch so that the ignition timing lamp is aligned with the ignition timing mark and flywheel on the crankcase. Observe the position of the ignition timing mark "F" on the magneto flywheel under the flash beam. If the ignition timing mark on the flywheel is aligned with the ignition timing mark on the crankcase, the ignition timing is indicated; The reverse is not true.

2. Maintenance of signal system

(1) adjust the volume and tone of electric horn. Counterclockwise turn adjustment screw, volume increase; Otherwise, the volume goes down. Loosen the locking nut on the adjusting stud, turn the adjusting stud counterclockwise to thicken the tone, and vice versa.

(2) adjustment of rear brake lamp switch. Turn the adjusting nut on the turning switch clockwise, the brake switch is switched on in advance, and vice versa. The brake lamp lights up when the rear brake pedal is 10mm down.

3. Maintenance of headlights

Turn adjustment screw A clockwise, the headlight beam moves up, and vice versa; Turn adjustment screw B clockwise, and the beam moves left, while the beam moves right.

4. Replace the fuse

  •  the fuse is next to the battery, replacement should be replaced with the same specifications of the fuse, if the fuse often burned out, generally short circuit or load is too large, should please maintenance personnel to check.

  • the use of substandard fuse, will bring serious consequences to the circuit system even fire.

  •  in the inspection and replacement of the fuse, the ignition switch should be switched to the off position, to prevent short circuit.