market dynamics
Suitable for novice entry to a few motorcycles, cost-effective, appearance level cool
Release date:2019.08.22

(1).Kawasaki Ninja300

     Kawasaki group in the motorcycle above the attistry, look around the world, few competitors, a H2R directly raise the level of the industry a lot. So kawasaki's products are very reliable.

    Kawasaki Ninja300 is a motorcycle that USES experience and experience to beat new competitors. At 178 kg, this motorcycle is the heaviest of its class. But there is no one to make fun of this point, because whether it is on the street, or on the track, this motorcycle definitely brings us a different experience! This motorcycle's excellent power output has always been its biggest advantage, but this motorcycle's damping modulation is a little soft, but there is no particularly big problem!


(2).apulia CR150

      The CR150 is defined as a vintage cafe style with a bit of an exotic bler element! 150cc single cylinder engine, the maximum can be squeezed 18 horse power, displacement is small, but can not be underestimated, can play very high! Front and rear disc brakes, water cooling system, multi-function LCD meter, high dual exhaust, spoke hub and pineapple tire are very cool. If you put a shield in front of it, it will be no different from team USA.


(3).yamaha yzf-r3

     The yamaha group motorcycle is only slightly worse than the KTM RC 390 in terms of power performance, but it still performs very well in terms of power performance. This motorcycle is more suitable for driving in a small town. Personally, it is a very enjoyable feeling when you ride this motorcycle on the streets of a small town. This motorcycle in the control ability, has a very good performance, is also an excellent entry-level motorcycle performance! What I like better is the dashboard design of this motorcycle, which makes people look very fashionable and avant-garde, and very visible!