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The common method of supplementary charge of battery
Release date:2019.08.22

      Battery loss is a common failure of motorcycles. After battery loss, it will not only bring inconvenience to the normal use of motorcycles, but also may endanger the safety of motorcycles. There are many reasons for battery power loss, but the main reason is that the charging system cannot effectively charge the battery, that is, the voltage stabilizer rectifier of the charging system, the circuit winding of the power supply and the connection circuit have faults. The fault of the charging system can be quickly eliminated by checking the voltage stabilizer, power supply winding and its connection circuit of the charging system.

     After troubleshooting of the charging system, it is necessary to replenish and charge the battery before putting it into use. There are usually two ways to recharge a battery:

1.Use a charger to recharge the battery.

2.Use the motorcycle charging system to charge the battery in operation.

    The motorcycle charging system adopts the constant voltage charging mode, and most of the small ordinary chargers used in maintenance sites also use the constant voltage charging mode. Constant voltage charging mode is characterized by: the battery throughout the charging process, the charging voltage always remains unchanged, the battery began to charge, because the battery voltage is lower than the charging voltage, the charging current is relatively large, can be quickly supplemented to charge. Usually in a short time to make the capacity of the battery significantly increased, with the battery voltage continues to rise, the charging current will gradually reduce, until the battery voltage and charging voltage close to, the charging current becomes very small, charging work close to stop.

    For the battery with serious power loss, the charging voltage is much higher than the battery voltage, and the charging current formed when charging will be particularly large. Take a certain brand 125 type motorcycle charging system as an example. Under normal circumstances, when the engine is idling, the charging current is about 1A, and when the engine's working speed is increased, the maximum charging current can reach about 5A. Standard battery charging current, usually in one over ten of the rated capacity of the battery, the 12 v7ah battery charging current is 0.7 A, even for A quick charge battery, the charging current should not be more than 3 A, serious loss of electric battery charging current will be considerably more than fast charging charging current, the battery can be harmful, but also very easy to damage the voltage regulator rectifier.

    Battery charging current is too large the biggest harm is easy to lead to the active material off the plate, the service life of the battery has a great impact. Therefore, after troubleshooting the charging system, it is best to use the charging current adjustable charger to supplement the battery charging, charging current is one tenth of the rated capacity of the battery, the battery is full, and then put into use. In the absence of a charging machine with adjustable charging current, a series of light bulbs can be connected in the charging circuit to reduce the charging current.

      When you have to use the motorcycle charging system to charge the battery, you should pay attention to the engine starting, must not run at high speed, lest the charging current is too large. For motorcycles that need to be driven urgently, the charging current can also be reduced by stringing bulbs along the charging circuit. The method is: disconnect the battery fuse connection, a series of 12V 21W bulb, wait for a motorcycle ride after a while, the battery capacity increases, and then take off the bulb.

     Such battery charging is more troublesome, but the use of the battery is beneficial, can extend the life of the battery, very worthwhile.