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Anti-corrosion method of iron fuel tank for motorcycle
Release date:2019.08.27

      If placed in the tank of a zinc (shell) ordinary dry cells, in this way, because the chemical property of the zinc is lively, hence the corrosion electrochemical reaction will no longer turn with zinc with the iron, so it can effectively protect the fuel tank is not corroded, it's like we usually see iron lock pin of the zinc plate, electric water heater in the magnesium rods, the activity of the zinc and magnesium are used to achieve the purpose of protection of iron. After placing the zinc skin in the tank, the rust will be greatly reduced when cleaning the tank.


    Cleaning of non-metallic parts

      In the maintenance of motorcycle, some non-metallic parts often need cleaning. These parts cannot be cleaned with kerosene, diesel, gasoline, or metal cleaner used to clean the metal parts, or they will deteriorate and become ineffective. The cleaning method should be determined according to the material of the parts.

1.Leather parts should not be washed with any cleaning fluid, wipe with a cloth can be.

2.The parts made of foam should be washed with washing powder or soapy water.

3.Parts made of rubber shall be cleaned with alcohol.

4.Paper parts can not be washed with water, use brush, or in kerosene, diesel cleaning.

5.Clutch friction disc, brake shoe friction disc can not be cleaned with kerosene, diesel, alkali solution, the application of gasoline scrub.