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What about motorcycle helmets?
Release date:2019.08.30

1. The helmet

Yohe: refers to the meaning, fully enclosed helmet after wear, only the lens can open and close, the highest safety coefficient, the inside of the helmet can protect the head of the buffer to the every part, will be better able to reduce the wind resistance, noise reduction, this is also why the motorcycle race use full face, dressed in life more troublesome, if open the lens still blocked the mouth, when the car still is hot in summer.

Half helmet: the lowest safety factor, after all, only protects three quarters of the area of the head, more convenient to wear, can wear the helmet to communicate directly.

Open-face helmet: it is a deformation equivalent to the whole helmet, mostly with double lenses, suitable for motorcycle travel and urban commuting. You can drink water directly with the helmet on the way of driving, and most of them adopt sliding buckle. However, in special cases, the buckle may fall off.


Off-road helmet: with an extended brim, it can keep out the sun during the leap, leaving a large space in the mouth to effectively protect the mouth and chin, and the eye opening can wear off-road glasses to prevent dust from entering the eyes, which is not enough to protect the whole helmet from dust, mainly used for off-road riding on non-paved road.

2. The material

Abs plastic: abs plastic is a ternary copolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene monomers. It is a tough, hard and rigid material with easy access to raw materials, good comprehensive performance, low price and wide application. It is mostly used for cheap helmets, but relatively brittle.

FRP: glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix. Reinforced plastics made of glass fiber or its products have higher rigidity and impact resistance than ABS plastics.

Carbon fiber: carbon fiber refers to inorganic high performance fiber with carbon content higher than 90%, which has the inherent characteristics of carbon material, and also has the soft reinforcement fiber of textile fiber. The advantages are light, strong impact, high safety, but more expensive.


European series: because the European head is big, belongs to the slender type, the European series helmet is famous for the agv, the existence question is to buy the small clipping face, when buys generally must be bigger than own head, according to own situation decision.

Asian series: it is designed according to the head shape of Asian people and can be bought normally. Asian series are famous for SHOEI,ARAI and other brands. These two helmets belong to Japanese brands.

4. Brand

      This is about to see his own pocket money how many, good brand more expensive, better is the AGV said above, utilise, ARAI, etc., can often see on motorcycle race, and HJC, homebred LS2, tanks, such as red lion helmet is pretty good, marushin also can also, the takeover belong to the domestic brands, with its characteristic of two horns popular among a lot of the people.

5. Test level

DOT: certified by the U.S. department of transportation

ECE: European organization certification

3C: this is our national certification.

SHAPP: the sharp test, full Angle crash test, until the helmet is scrapped, and the test of putting the helmet under the car, divided into 5 stars, the more stars, the better, the more expensive.

As for retro helmets, I think carbon fiber helmets are better for entertainment, more in line with public aesthetics, light weight and high safety factor, but everyone's vision