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Motorcycle suddenly become fuel - efficient how should solve it?
Release date:2019.09.18

If the motorcycle during the process of feeling a significant increase in fuel consumption, then it is the main reason

1. Carburetor failure, the carburetor is the main related component of motorcycle fuel consumption level, if it fails, motorcycle fuel consumption will soar.

2 circuit fault, the circuit fault includes two aspects, the general common ignition system fault, if the ignition signal is missing motorcycle will appear fuel consumption increases, and the charging system load will also cause motorcycle fuel consumption increases.

3. Mechanical failure, if the motorcycle engine power will fall after the failure, and that are a direct result of power declines as a result, fuel consumption increase, which is relatively easy to parts of the failure of cylinder block, piston, camshaft, valve, clutch, etc., their excessive wear will cause the loss of engine power consumption rising.


Motorcycle fuel consumption increases the driving in use process is mainly and the first kind of situation is inseparable from the relationship, so after the vehicle fuel consumption increase occurs, you should check the carburetor, check before you should look at the color of the spark plug, because of the color of the spark plug determines the engine burning state, if the spark plug is black show that engine combustion status is very general, the main cause of oil should be on the carburetor, this requires a thorough cleaning to the carburetor, and should be properly adjusted.


In general, there are two ways to improve the combustion state of the carburetor through internal adjustment and external adjustment. The internal adjustment is mainly to adjust the liquid plane. If the spark plug is black, the liquid plane needs to be adjusted downward. It is also possible to adjust the burning state of the carburetor through the oil needle. In general, the spring of the oil needle can be adjusted one gear upward, so that the fuel consumption performance and burning state of the vehicle can be improved.

Through the above operation in other systems without failure in the premise of motorcycle fuel consumption performance will return to normal. Other systems to determine whether there is a fault, the main should look at the power performance, if the power decline is very serious, generally is the engine fault can refer to the third point for maintenance. If the power decreases slightly, it is generally the fault of the ignition system, and the part that is prone to fault in the ignition system is the igniter. Therefore, users can purchase an igniter for experiment