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Cycling on the road tires are tied, a simple and fast way to repair tires
Release date:2019.09.10

      Motorcycle tires currently on the market are divided into two kinds, one is more traditional tire inner tube type, the principle of tire inner tube is to save the air within the inner tube, does not require precise contact between tire and rim, even if the air pressure is low, also need not worry about tires will fall off from the wheel, lead to air leakage, therefore, is widely applied in the use of rim with inner tyre and steel wire tension suvs and American streetcar named!

         The other is the most common vacuum tire on the market at present, which USES the special structure of the rim of the wheel hub and the edge of the tire to seal the air in the body of the tire. Even if it is punctured by nail foreign bodies, it will not leak immediately. Because of convenient maintenance, vacuum tires are commonly used in street cars and sports cars at present.

       Two types of tires have different maintenance methods, we can discuss them separately:

1. Traditional inner tube tires

        Once the tire is punctured by a foreign body, the gas will be lost very quickly. Because of the double layer structure of the tire, the outer tire and inner tire are punctured basically. Even if the foreign body is not pulled out, the gas will be lost very quickly and basically punctured.


         In the face of such situation of tire, maintenance up more troublesome, need to remove the inner tube out of solder, for many cyclists, with inner tube of tyre repair of general oneself make uncertain, in addition to need special tools, have to master certain maintenance technique, in general, the inner tube motorcycle was pierced in many cases, only to find a repair shop for tire repair.

2. Vacuum tyre

           Relative to the inner tube of tyre, vacuum tire repair is very simple and convenient, vacuum tire due to tire walls thicker, tread material is qualitative soft, after he was pierced for will also feel a flat, I once rode by vacuum of motorcycle tyres, because without the tire repair tools, forcibly rode one hundred kilometers have no special feeling, but the next day is obviously feel the car tires not enough air.


        It is easy to deal with the vacuum tire which is tied by nails. The most common method is to apply the rubber strip, which is called "spicy dry tofu" in the circle. After discovering the tire is pricked by nails, just pull out the nails, quickly stick a spicy dry tofu in, wait a few minutes to cut off the protruding part.