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How to clean motorcycle carburetor without disassembling?
Release date:2019.09.10

     Motorcycle carburetor is a relatively simple oil supply system, but in practical use because of the impurities in the oil, air filter filtering effect and other reasons, the carburetor needs to be cleaned regularly.

       Cleaning the carburetor is usually to clean and dismantling, because such cleaning effect is obvious, but apart wash clean will also have some disadvantages, such as improper operation will change the liquid surface height, the liquid surface height once appear change, burning of the vehicle state will change, so the user can also choose from an external cleaning.

     Carburetor from the external cleaning method is relatively simple, as for the effect is more obvious if properly operated, knight share with plunger carburetor as an example, a simple discussion of the carburetor external cleaning procedures.

1. Start the vehicle. If the current motorcycle is in cold engine state, it is better to preheat it.

2. Air filter. Remove the connection between air filter and carburetor.

3. Start cleaning, start the vehicle to use cleaning agent in two inlet ports of carburetor inlet,       spray cleaning agent appropriately, and increase the engine speed, try to keep the engine running.

       This operation it is worth noting that can be a little spray into the cleaning agent for cleaning for many times, if the injection cleaning dosage is too large, the engine will be easy to stall, and then you can through the method of instantaneous speed, the cleaner burning all clean, white gas exhaust pipe will pop up a lot at this moment, so the work of cleaning the carburetor after operation is finished.

        The above is the method of cleaning the carburetor with cleaning agent without disassembling. The operating conditions of this method are that the filter joint can be easily removed and all the dust outside the carburetor needs to be cleaned. After the two prerequisites are met, the carburetor can be cleaned without disassembling.