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Is it true that too much or too little motorcycle oil, liquid or water is not harmful to any vehicle?
Release date:2019.09.09

1.The oil

    Engine oil is the blood of the engine, its replacement process if not pay attention to the amount, will affect the performance of the engine and service life.

Under normal conditions, the amount of oil should be the standard oil scale, try to keep in the middle of the upper and lower scale.

    Adding too much will increase the engine's running resistance, which will affect its power performance, and sometimes even burn oil phenomenon.

    If you add too little because the engine lubrication is not complete, it is easy to appear cylinder pulling phenomenon, once the engine cylinder body is pulled, will also appear oil burning phenomenon, at this time you need to replace cylinder components to troubleshoot.



    Motorcycle gasoline refueling although mainly and the use of frequency has a direct relationship, but if it adds too much will have an impact.

    One of the most immediate effects is that the accuracy of the fuel gauge will deteriorate, mainly because the oil level sensors in the tank, often at high levels, will become less sensitive.

    In addition, for electric injection models, if not even filling gasoline, fuel pump life will be shortened, this is mainly because the fuel pump will generate heat during the working process, if the fuel level is too low, fuel pump heat will be slow to dissipate, in the long run, so it will certainly die.

3.Cooling fluid

   The coolant of the water-cooled motorcycle needs to be checked and added regularly. If it is too little, it will affect the effect of the whole water circulation system. If it is too much, it will hinder the flow speed of the coolant in the water circulation system.

    And the standard for checking the amount of coolant should be the amount of the sub-tank. Normally, the water level should be maintained in the middle of the sub-tank under the state of cooling machine.


4.Battery water

    The electrolyte of the battery will be reduced in the use of the process, and the later addition is also pay attention to, if only blindly fill, it will affect the storage effect of the battery.

    Under normal circumstances, when adding electrolyte, we can add electrolyte in each hole, and be sure to keep in the position of the scale line, if too full will not only corrosion the frame, but also affect the performance of the battery.