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Motorcycle "3 person danger" proposal is bought
Release date:2019.09.09

         As a motor vehicle, motorcycle is in fact synchronized with cars in many steps. However, as a two-wheeled vehicle, motorcycle itself is not as safe as a car, so the importance of insurance is self-evident. At present, the function of the motorcycle has evolved from a simple transportation gradually evolved into recreational vehicles, a lot of young people to buy a motorcycle in the urban traffic, the overall number of motorcycle is increased, the resulting traffic accidents are also increasing, the role of the insurance is very simple, to be able to in the event of a traffic accident, the insurance company for the owners to bear part or all of the economic loss, as far as possible, reduce the economic pressure of the owner, not have no money to compensate the distress.


        The insurance of concern motorcycle, have two kinds of must emphasize with everybody, strong danger and third party insurance. Strong danger calls motor vehicle traffic accident compulsory insurance completely, it is assumed by each insurance company, it is a kind of insurance that the country buys compulsively. Motorcycle as a motor vehicle, before dealing with the licensing business, must buy strong insurance can be handled normally, at the same time, for riding for many years of vehicles, annual examination is also must check whether the normal delivery of strong insurance, so strong insurance is every motor owners must buy insurance. So what about third party insurance?

       Third party insurance can be said to be a strong insurance upgrade version, the amount of compensation is very high, the current third party insurance amount of motorcycle in 500,000 and 1 million two versions, for motorcycle drivers, it is very necessary to buy! Because once motorcycle accidents, often injured probability is bigger than cars, more damage, bear the economic loss is much also, so you all motorcycle riders must not stingy for third party insurance, while a third party is not forced to buy insurance, if you have met a lot of myself, because there is no third party insurance, in an accident when hit, people paid several thousand to tens of thousands of medical compensation, imagine a third party insurance is only several hundred yuan a year, and you a single accident compensation are thousand theory to compensate, interested in here, should know the purchase?


        In short, as long as it is a motor vehicle, the purchase of insurance must not be saved! This is especially true for motorcycles. Where can you walk along the river without wet shoes? I ride a bike myself for more than 10 years, the motorcycle friends around for a batch of another batch, at present has not encountered did not have any collision accident of the car friends, for the novice, higher risk, the role of insurance is to ensure that you have money when the accident can compensate, reduce your economic losses to the greatest extent.