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Why do motorcycle chains stretch so easily?
Release date:2019.09.09

     There are several causes of frequent chain slack

1. Improper adjustment. If the adjustment gap is too small in the chain adjustment process of motorcycle, the chain will be too tight, which will accelerate the relaxation of the chain.


2. Excessive lubrication, if you have some in order to reduce the chain used in the process of wear and tear, can add too much oil on the chain, to do so for the chain, although the lubrication effect, but also because of excessive lubrication, cause premature relaxation, it appears just after adjustment, especially in the chain is excessive lubricating oil filling, more will accelerate the unwinding of the chain, the main or the chain itself is directly related to the clearance.

3. Product quality. If the quality of the chain is too poor, it will cause frequent relaxation of the chain.


4. The chain is worn out. The working environment of the chain is quite bad, so is its wear condition.


         Above is the main reason for the excessive motorcycle driving chain, we can see their own wear and the improper use of late, is the main reason for the excessive drive chain appear, so the chain in use process must choose high quality accessories, and the reasonable adjustment, correct maintenance, as long as do these three points, adjust the frequency can be reduced chain, the chain has appeared frequently the phenomenon of loose will be improved.