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How should the chain be maintained?
Release date:2019.09.04

         Although the motorcycle has three kinds of transmission mode (shaft transmission, belt transmission, chain transmission), but the chain transmission is the most common part in daily life, because of its relatively low cost, strong reliability, light weight and other advantages, most of the gear cars are using such a chain transmission mode. There are three common types of maintenance.


1. Wash regularly

      Chains, like cars, need to be cleaned regularly, especially for cars that run on the field routes, where dirt and cement are high on the road and the chains are prone to these stains. Regular cleaning of these stains can effectively reduce the level of wear and tear on the chains and make the chains run more smoothly. At present, there are special cleaning agents for chain cleaning, which can be purchased on shopping platform, and the price is not expensive. Before each ride, look at the clean condition of the chain, which can be cleaned brilliantly, and then put on the chain oil to keep the seal, so that the car runs smoothly.

2. Chains often need oiling

      Because the car is often exposed to the sun and wind, it is easy to dry out, even if there are no stains on the chain. Because the chain belongs to the metal structure, the direct collision of the metal is easy to wear, so the gear and the chain need to be lubricated. Motorcycle and car, there is a special chain lubricating oil, the price of dozens to more than 100 have, personal advice must be used special motorcycle lubricating oil, usually pay more attention to maintenance.

3. Replace the chain

        The motorcycle chain is worn out, long-term use will cause the wheelbase of the chain to change, the direct reaction is the chain loose, running will be very dry and slow. Generally speaking, the chain of general motorcycle can be used more than ten thousand kilometers, see individual specific actual use. Some friends are accustomed to choose to adjust the chain when the chain is loose rather than replace, such operation I personally do not use, the chain after the use of thousands of kilometers depending on the chain situation choose to replace, generally will not adjust, and the chain itself price is not very expensive, the use of long mileage chain should be replaced.

         Generally speaking, the chain, like the car, needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Only by diligently maintaining it in daily life, can the chain have a longer service life and drive more smoothly. At ordinary times their own treatment of motorcycles, to treat the wife as love, only such as the various aspects of the car driving experience to achieve the best!