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Long - standing motorcycle can not start, in addition to the battery, but also check the several items
Release date:2019.09.04

1.Check spark plugs

The spark plug is the ignition element of the vehicle. It is easy to use the carbon on the surface area of the spark plug for a long time, resulting in poor contact with the vehicle and failure to start. It's easy to run into a motorcycle that hasn't been properly maintained before it's permanently parked. Generally speaking, it is to use the tools attached to the car to remove the spark plug for inspection, carbon accumulation too much will be replaced in time, to avoid breaking down on the road.


2. Check air filter

As the name implies, air filter is a kind of air filter that needs to be carried out before the air intake of the engine. During the cycling process, the air on the road will be mixed with dust and impurities, which will accumulate in the air filter, which needs to be cleaned regularly to improve the starting performance of the vehicle.

3. Clean carburetor

The car's internal fuel is not cleaned before it is parked. Long-term parking can have an impact on the carburetor, resulting in a significant decrease in atomization and the need for new parts over time.

4. Check the wiring

Long - term parking of the motorcycle, may be parked in the wrong place, prone to rats bite the wire, although the probability is very small, but in life there are also car friends suffered from this. Therefore, vehicles that cannot be started should also be checked for obvious damage to the motorcycle circuit, especially on the ignition circuit.


5. Check the battery

Motorcycle won't start one of the most common reason is the loss of battery power, particularly for long-term parked motorcycle, battery because do not use for a long time, its own internal electrolyte will be oxidized, electricity fall in ignition can not provide enough voltage, therefore, in order to ensure that the vehicle battery is not electricity, even if they don't ride a bike, parked motorcycle for a long time to also want to start the engine ignition every week, to ensure the activity of cells.

    The above five aspects are the reasons why the motorcycles involved in long-term parking cannot be started. In daily life, we summarize the problems of vehicle failure, and based on this, the maintenance and care of the vehicle is more targeted, which is good for the life of the vehicle and all aspects