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When it's a little cold, the motorcycle doesn't start well. Why?
Release date:2019.09.04

     Motorcycle carburetor it is a relatively simple mechanical fuel supply system, so its atomization effect is not as ideal as electric injection, especially in the case of low temperature, more can show its shortcomings, and the carburetor model low temperature start difficulty and it is inseparable from the relationship.

      In order to improve the poor starting performance of carburetor models, the following operations are needed to improve the starting performance of vehicles.

       1. Use the choke door reasonably. There is a device on the carburetor to help start the choke door.

       2. Adjust the carburetor properly. If the choke is still ineffective, you can improve the atomizing effect of the carburetor by adjusting the oil needle and liquid plane of the carburetor.

       Generally, lift the oil needle up one grid or slightly adjust the liquid level a little higher, and adjust the mixture adjustment screw properly, then the low-temperature start performance of the motorcycle will be improved.

       Through the above operation, the low-temperature starting performance of carburetor models will be improved, but if the effect is still not ideal after operation, it may not be the carburetor problem, but the ignition system problem. At this time, the ignition mode can be changed and the spark plug can be replaced to improve the vehicle starting performance.

      The specific operation is to change the original ac ignition to dc ignition, and replace a high performance spark plug, can improve the penetration of the ignition spark, so as to improve the vehicle start performance.

       In addition, the valve clearance should be properly checked and a high quality lubricant with better low-temperature flow performance should be replaced. After these operations, the start-up performance of the current vehicle will definitely be improved.