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Three types of engine cooling
Release date:2019.09.02

       Working principle of motorcycle engine is, let the gas and air mixture in the combustion produces heat energy to generate power, so the engine inside and around the spark plug the instantaneous temperature can reach to degrees of high temperature, in order to guarantee the normal work of the engine can, must take measures to cool the engine, then introduce the difference between motorcycle cooling ways.


1. The air cooling

Natural air cooling: in the process of driving vehicles using the wind blowing straight for cooling, there are a lot of heat sink is set in the engine surface, simpler structure, less parts, light weight low cost, can quickly cold car uphill in vehicle motion when the cooling performance is poor, for a long time driving engine is easy to produce noise, oil degradation quickly, generally use more bad of the motorcycle.

Forced air cooling: using the engine crankshaft drives the wind cooling fan for cooling, mainly used in sitting above the motorcycle, the cooling fan, air duct, architecture is simple, but in low speed and uphill when cooling is not affected, engine time is short, the domestic small and medium-sized displacement seated motorcycle commonly adopt the way of cooling.

2. Water

Water-cooling device by water jacket, radiator, pumps, water cooling is a set of water through the cylinder take away heat, with water after the water in the water jacket absorb enough quantity of heat, be returned to the tank for cooling, air cooling water into water jacket again for absorption of heat, repeated cycle to achieve the purpose of cooling, also set a nodal temperature meter, prevent water temperature too high and too low, the vehicle whether high-speed, uphill engine cooling are good, and does not produce noise, but the structure is complex, the cost is higher, cold car started to warm for a long time, generally used in large displacement motorcycle.


3, oil cooling

Structure and water, the same, just use the oil instead of cooling water, compared with water cooling, cooling oil can be Shared and engine oil, do not need extra cooling fluid, the use of engine oil in cooling fluid will not rust corrosion, but the effect is not as good as water cooled and oil prices are too high, use cost is larger, only in a few large displacement motorcycle will use.