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Motorcycle cost oil to still have no energy, load can not run, can check according to this method exclude
Release date:2019.09.25

       When the motorcycle travels for more than 20,000-50,000 km, such as the engine power is obviously decreased, while the fuel consumption is constantly increasing, under normal circumstances, it may be the engine piston ring wear and leakage, resulting in insufficient pressure in the cylinder, cylinder sealing worse problems.


         So, the question is, these are all possible, simply guesses, so how do you verify that? The simplest detection method is to remove the spark plug, and then use your fingers to plug the spark plug, and step on the starting lever or press the electric start button, at this point your finger should feel a strong sense of air pressure impact, and there is airflow from the edge of the finger out.

         If you feel very little pressure or if you can easily plug the spark plug with your fingers, the cylinder is not compressed enough and there must be a leak. This is a rough inspection method, although not accurate, but the victory in simple and easy to operate, based on experience, have data control friends, can use a professional cylinder pressure table for inspection.

        If the cylinder pressure is insufficient, the cause of the failure is usually the valve is not tightly closed, or the cylinder piston ring wear caused by too much. The solution is to disassemble the engine for inspection and maintenance. First, remove the cylinder head, check whether the valve is closed properly, adjust the valve clearance, grind the valve or replace the valve according to the situation. Then remove the cylinder, check the piston ring wear, according to the situation to replace the piston ring or replace the cylinder seal gasket.


        There is also a case to be checked, that is, when the engine crankcase or cylinder joint part of the leakage, will cause the cylinder pressure to reduce the power, resulting in fuel consumption increase.

         In addition to these, if the engine overheating, excessive carbon accumulation in the muffler, clutch friction disc slip, tire pressure, and other problems, will also make the engine acceleration performance worse, the power is obviously insufficient.