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How many years will the tires of a motorcycle last? Do your tires wear well?
Release date:2019.09.29

Motorcycle tire is a more important part of the walking mechanism, it is also the whole vehicle during the process of direct contact with the road surface of a part, so its wear relative to other parts will be larger.

But its durability and driving conditions, tire quality, driving habits are inseparable from the relationship, so can not be generalized, can only be determined according to the situation.


1. Driving traffic, sandstone and usually the most grinding, followed by the cement road surface, and then followed by the asphalt, mountain road, the main and the road surface is directly related to the hardness, compared with the former two types of asphalt roads and mountain road flexibility will be better, so driving vehicle tire wear on them, will be smaller accordingly.

2. The tire quality, the core of the tire in addition to decorative pattern design, is the share of natural rubber, under normal circumstances the high quality tires will be a greater proportion of natural rubber, natural rubber for flexibility is good, you will have wear-resisting, secondly the decorative pattern of the tire also directly determine the tyre wear index, under normal circumstances the tyre pattern more little more wear-resisting, vice is easier if polished.

3 driving habits, gentle driving, smooth start, slow braking can extend the life of the tire, and if the violent start, often brake tire flower grain will be easy to smooth.


Through introducing the above you can see, the wear of the tire has a lot of hard conditions, so how long can a motorcycle tyre use does not have an accurate numerical value, but according to the actual usage, ordinary motorcycle under the premise of ensuring appropriate air pressure, the service life of the rear tire can be in 2 to 3 years or so, and the front tyres will be around 4 to 6 years.

However, the premise here is that the frequency of use is moderate, neither high nor low, about 5000km per year on average. If it is higher than this average, the service life of the tire may be reduced; if it is lower than this average, the service life of the tire will be extended.


But here will also involve another problem, is the service life of rubber, under normal circumstances if the tire cracking phenomenon, even if the pattern did not appear excessive wear, is also need to replace, because in this case will increase the probability of tire burst, so this point must be taken seriously.