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Why are electric cars getting shorter
Release date:2019.10.08

       Among them, charger and battery have the most direct impact. Try to choose the charger and battery of the brand. If the battery of a new car cannot run out of mileage, how can we eliminate the fault?

       Next to analyze the battery link line, the most insignificant place, the battery must be replaced with the connection line, because to change the battery of the car is riding for two to three years, for a long time the car wind and rain, the line affected by moisture, oxidation, is the line resistance value increased, affect the current through, causing the phenomenon of not running far.


       Then is the tire pressure, no matter load load, air pressure must play full! If the air pressure is too low, the friction coefficient between the tire and the ground increases! Increase resistance, the controller drives the motor need more current! This leads to a sharp drop in power!

      One more question! Is the brake, what I said is everyone is the most easy to ignore the problem, the brake does not return, caused by the brake, the problem is likely to be the brake line does not return! Rusted, is also likely to be the brake rocker arm rusted not back, will also cause excessive starting current affect the battery life range, at the same time make the battery or controller decay or damage in advance!

       Above said so much, said is the mechanical part of the battery cheng too short! Exclude mechanical problems most likely to cause problems, there is an electric door lock!

      This is also the most ordinary place, I recently met a lot of cases of this kind of problems are the result of the electric door lock oxidation or plug-in oxidation fault, the fault point is not necessarily a near the electric door lock, it is possible that the power cord to the electric lock the position of the branch (may be) under the frame so everyone carefully screening, tend to be caused by a bug in the big consequences!