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Three simple and common safety tests for motorcycle tires
Release date:2019.10.08

       Motorcycle tires not only bear the body and the driver, but also directly on the road, its safety importance is self-evident, regular good inspection and maintenance is very important, master some simple and common safety testing methods, not only can effectively maintain our car, but also let us drive more safe. The following four detection methods are introduced:

       First, tire pressure detection method. Mainly check our tire pressure, to ensure that it is in a reasonable range, which can make it in the best working condition, while extending the service life. Too high or too low tire pressure, easy to increase the body bump, damage stability, increase driving resistance, but also cause excessive wheel load (tire pressure caused by extrusion), greatly reduce the service life of the wheels. Tire pressure detection is very simple, just buy the tire pressure detector online, that is, intuitive, accurate, and cheap. Generally speaking, the front tire pressure of motorcycle should be kept at about 250kpa (kpa), and the rear tire pressure should be kept at about 280kpa (kpa). For other special cases, refer to the wheel model and its specific provisions. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, timely increase or decrease the tire pressure. It should be emphasized that the tire pressure test should be carried out under the condition of cold tires, and the tire pressure must be measured before a long ride.


        Second, tread pattern detection method. This is mainly to check if our motorcycle wheels are overworn. There are two main methods: one is the measurement method, that is, the depth of the tread, usually the minimum tread depth between 0.8~1 mm, below this depth, should be timely change the wheel. This kind of detection method has a lot of kinds, useful coin detection, useful ruler detection, useful fixed reference detection, can, the ultimate goal is to timely find whether the tread grain is too small. The second is the convex point detection method, this method is mainly aimed at the tire line set a convex point of the wheel for detection, some motorcycle wheels in the tire line set a small raised point, tire friction consumption to the inner convex point and the ground can be replaced when the tire.


        Third, the visual method. This method is both simple and extremely important. You need to develop the good habit of checking regularly during your daily cycling. Through visual inspection, carefully check the tire surface whether there are cracks and incisions, whether there are glass, iron and other sharp objects inserted, in case of serious replacement. If the wheels appear local expansion, it shows that the tire has been damaged, also need to be replaced in a timely manner.

       In addition, even if we do not ride regularly, the wheels should be professionally tested and maintained at least once a year.