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Why doesn't the motorcycle go out?
Release date:2019.10.12
       The main cause of any failure to turn off a motorcycle is the ignition system. According to the description of the subject, first of all, it can be determined that the ignition system used by your scooter is ac ignition system. The main components of ac ignition system of motorcycle include magneto coil assembly, igniter and FBT.


      The main function of igniter in the above three parts is to generate ignition signal, control ignition time and cut off ignition model. As you can see here, the cause of this fault is caused by igniter, but it is not the fault of igniter, but the secondary fault caused by the fracture of a flame-out line derived from igniter.


       The first thing you need to do to solve this problem is to find the location of the ignition of your motorcycle, and then you need to determine the color of the ignition line. Normally it's a black and white color. Once you determine the color of the ignition line, you can look for the break point.

1. The ignition switch is damaged. Generally, the ignition switch of ac ignition system has four wires. So if the ignition switch is broken, the vehicle will fail to turn off.

2. Where the handlebar turns, the break point of the cut-off line is normally located. This is because the handlebar turns left and right, causing the line to break.



      To eliminate this kind of failure, open the front panel to examine the ignition switch to troubleshoot, and the most simple and effective way is to use a wire to the ignition switch plug of black and white line and green line together, if the vehicle to normal flameout indicates is the ignition switch is damaged or lower ignition switch circuit fault, if the fault cannot be ruled out that need you to continue to search for the black and white thread breakpoints, but does not rule out the green line also has a breakpoint. Through the above troubleshooting can be eliminated, as long as you are careful enough to say that you do not need to spend money to troubleshoot this fault.