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Clutch maintenance method
Release date:2019.10.15

Almost all motorcycles are equipped with a clutch grip on the left handle for clutch separation and engagement to ensure that the transmission and engine can be easily connected and separated. In use, if the clutch failure, will make the motorcycle can not run normally, therefore, should strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the clutch.


Check clutch working properly

1, with the middle finger and index finger gently grasp the clutch grip, check and adjust the gap. Grip end stroke should be 15-20mm, root should be 3mm. If the clearance is too large, the clutch will not be completely separated; If the clearance is too small, will cause the clutch slip. For different models, the size of clutch clearance varies, which should be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the operation manual. At least, the movement stroke of the grip end should be guaranteed to be 10mm.

2, clutch grip is heavy, as important as the gap. The heavy handling is often caused by cable damage or the lack of grease on the cable, which is more common. Judging whether the clutch grip is heavy method is: use the spring to pull the clutch, its tension in the range of 50-60n, belongs to normal; If it exceeds 68.8n, the grip is heavy. If necessary, the cable can be replaced. If the cable still feels heavy after the replacement, the reason should be further found and excluded.

3, change the gear through the pedal, at the same time the engine speed slightly increased, and then the foot brake rear wheel. At this time, slowly release the clutch, if the engine turned off, it means the clutch technical status is normal (do not slip); If the engine speed drops, but did not turn off, then the clutch slip, should be repaired.

4. Check whether the clutch separation is complete: lift the car ladder, twist and release the clutch grip, and conduct the shift test. If the grip is tightened, and there is a gear bump when changing gear, the clutch separation is not complete.

5, check clutch grip to transmission pull line is normal: if found its plastic foreskin cracking, can be wrapped tightly with plastic tape, waterproof immersion. The cable damage is related to the technical condition of the motorcycle itself.