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Rain motorcycle water out of the fire how to do? Get your way!
Release date:2019.10.15

       Many the friend reflects the problems of the rainy day travel easy to stall, shut down immediately after startup it is very difficult, need to start a long time or have to repeatedly to start, start after driving some distance, and stalls, such as more than 10 minutes can start again, repeat the same problems, but as long as it doesn't rain, or stopped for a long time, the car can start and everything back to normal.

        This problem is not easy to check because it only occurs under certain conditions, i.e. it only reappears on rainy days, and it can be very tricky to encounter on the road!

        Often due to the continuous stall and start to make a mess and anxious, after the car to the garage, everything back to normal, not even to give the master inspection opportunity, because everything is normal, you can not find the cause of the problem, only waiting for the problem to be out of the inspection.


The common reasons for dying in the rain are as follows

(1) rain infiltration oil road type flame out

Oil road is our common name, the general formal call is the fuel supply system, mainly including the tank, carburetor, air filter and other major pieces, rain mainly from three ways infiltration:

(1) infiltrate into the tank from the tank cover and flow into the carburetor;

(2) from the air filter inlet to the carburetor;

(3) directly enter the carburetor from the vent tube of the carburetor itself.

The biggest possibility is the third one, which is also the one I encountered most in the actual maintenance. Almost 80% of the flouts in the rain are from the vent pipe into the rain water. The first two are only theoretical possibilities, but not very common in practice.

(2) rain into the circuit of the flame extinction

       The circuit here mainly refers to the ignition circuit, including charging and pulse coil, electronic igniter, high voltage transformer, high voltage cap, spark plug plus a flameout switch, rain is the most easy to intrusion is the high voltage cap and flameout switch, occasionally there are individual moisture-proof performance is not good igniter and high voltage transformer.

        Flameout switch is to have waterproof moistureproof effect actually, but still have a few flameout switch not to be able to withstand rainwater infiltration, cause take iron short circuit (point to flameout switch of short-circuit sex) make car flameout. Rain into the oil and electrical circuit will cause the vehicle to stall, but before the stall they have some symptoms are different, based on these symptoms, we can easily distinguish between the rain into the oil and circuit.

 (3)Water enters the oil channel

When the vehicle in the normal road, suddenly feel not to add oil, the speed is relatively symmetrical to slow down, after a few seconds before turning off, most of this situation is the oil road water.

(4) circuit water

When the vehicle is running normally, the speed suddenly plummets, the driver has an obvious sense of pause, the engine quickly shut down (about 1-2 seconds), this is generally the circuit water situation; There is also a case that the vehicle in normal driving, suddenly add no oil, exhaust pipe gap appears a long "poof, poof" sound, as if the engine turn a few times just point a fire feeling, lasting for a period of time after the final flame, this is also the circuit water symptoms.


Emergency treatment

If you can't tell the difference between oil and electrical water, follow these steps

(1) directly check whether there are water droplets at the mouth of the vent tube of the carburetor, no matter whether the position or direction is moved first, and ensure that there is no possibility of water entering in this position or direction;

(2) loosen the oil drain screw at the bottom of the carburetor with the screwdriver in the vehicle tool and tighten the oil drain screw after the bottom oil in the float room is drained;

(3) unscrew the spark plug pole, wipe the electrode clean with a dry cloth, step on the starting rod for a few seconds with the foot (there is no starting rod car electric start rotation for a few seconds), make the oil, gas and water in the cylinder eject together, then the spark plug into tightening;

(4) when the car with flameout switch cannot judge whether the water is flooded, it is safe to wrap the flameout switch with an old plastic bag.