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Have you understood the advantages and disadvantages of various ways of heat dissipation of motorcycles?
Release date:2019.10.15

1.Oil cooling heat dissipation

Oil cooling is the use of the car's own oil through the oil radiator heat.

Oil radiator and water tank are basically the same thing principle, but one inside is oil and one is water, because the oil cold cycle power from the engine oil pump.

Therefore, only one oil fan heater (oil tank) is needed for oil cooling. Ps: high-grade oil cooling is equipped with fan and throttle valve.

The advantage of oil cooling

Heat dissipation effect is obvious and the failure rate is low. Low oil temperature can reduce the high temperature viscosity of oil.

Cold oil disadvantage

There is a limit to the amount of oil in the engine. The oil radiator should not be too large. After that, the oil will pour into the oil radiator and cause insufficient lubrication at the bottom of the engine.


Oil cooling is the standard of mid-end streetcar, the pursuit of stability and fan heating effect, single cylinder air cooling car is more suitable for changing oil cooling, single cylinder air cooling car to oil cooling only need to add an oil fan heater in the middle of the oil channel.

Special tips: air cooling oil cooling must match fan heater and oil pump pressure [too large oil radiator capacity is bad for engine gear lubrication, fan heater too small flow too small on the oil pump will have pressure, oil flow is not enough to wear the cylinder head].


2.Air cooling heat dissipation

Wind cooling is cooling by the wind from a moving vehicle.

The air-cooled cylinder will be designed with large heat sink, and the cylinder head will be designed with fan heat plate and air duct (the air-cooled cylinder is usually a single-cylinder or v2 machine with low speed and large torque).

The advantage of wind cooling

Zero failure cooling system (natural cooling) air-cooled engines cost less and take up less space.

Disadvantages of wind cooling

Heat dissipation is slow, and limited by the form of the engine, such as the in-line 4 cylinder he rarely USES air cooling in the middle 2 cylinder can not effectively heat, so air cooling only suitable for 2 cylinder engine.


Air cooling is the standard of the daily mobile car, cooling system zero fault engine cost is low, as long as the maintenance is appropriate will not appear high temperature problem, but the water cooling car high temperature situation is more.

In short, single cylinder low speed car air cooling is fully enough, do not have to worry about the long-distance problem oh.

Special note: a well-designed air-cooled engine can run long distances without any problems. There's no such thing as air-cooled for long distances.

3.Water cooling

Water cooling is a cooling method with better cooling effect. The principle of water cooling is to cool the temperature by flowing water around the cylinder liner and cylinder head.

Water cooling basic accessories are pumps, water tank temperature control and fans.

Advantages of water cooling

It can effectively control the temperature of the engine with high power and high speed. When the temperature is low, the throttle valve will close until the oil temperature rises to achieve the best lubrication effect.

When the temperature is high, the throttle valve will open all the water tank and start to work. When the temperature is too high, the fan will open and cool the engine to the optimal working temperature. This is the standard water cooling principle.

The disadvantage of water cooling

The cost is high, the structure is complex, the failure rate is high, because has the external tank to occupy the space is also big.


Water cooling is a multi-cylinder engine with high power and high speed necessary cooling system (and water and oil dual cooling) small displacement 125 single cylinder car is not suitable for water cooling, because it is useless, generally 125 can not send so much heat.

Special tip: blindly changing water cooling not only does not improve the performance, but will make the hot car time longer, the cold car wear too much, and ahead of time burning oil and other phenomena.

Is it best to modify the motorcycle for water cooling and heat dissipation?

Now a lot of people say to autocycle which dissipate heat is good, general meeting recommends to say refit water is cool, actually this kind of view can say right, but it is good not to must refit water is cool.

Water cooling is a better cooling method, but it can not be generalized. The advantage of water cooling is that it can effectively dissipate heat from high power and high speed engines. But the disadvantages are also obvious, the need to assemble water tank, complex structure and high cost, and the failure rate is also high.

You moyo also do not too "superstition" some form of heat dissipation, each car to use what kind of heat dissipation is the manufacturer after design and test to choose the best scheme.

For example, for a small displacement engine used for daily transportation, it is not necessary to spend money to change to water cooling or oil cooling. It is also not necessary to install a water cooling system for an engine that adopts oil cooling and heat dissipation, which will not only complicate the structure, but also increase the failure rate.