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How to reduce the fuel consumption of motorcycle?
Release date:2019.11.01

Knowledge of motorcycle fuel saving

1, start, start slowly with a low speed, do not open the throttle before the clutch combination, to be clutch half linkage, slowly loosen clutch, and slowly open the throttle.


2, cycling habits, if you like the fierce fuel door or start speed, fuel increase, uniform speed driving fuel saving, variable driving fuel consumption, fuel door to slowly add, do not force to increase the throttle after the throttle, so fuel consumption.

3, the process of driving as far as possible to avoid turning off the engine, each start a lot of oil, enough for you to run 200-400 meters above.

4, shift, to grasp the timing of the shift, start, if the road is straight and smooth, the need to gradually change to high-grade, high-grade one-third of the accelerator (speed 40-50 km/h, speed 3500-4200) driving the most fuel-efficient.

5. Clean up the sludge in the chain and the front and rear wheel guard plate periodically, reduce the resistance, and apply the chain oil. Especially mud in the brakes.

6. Fill up with gasoline in the morning or evening when the temperature is low. Because the lower the temperature, the higher the specific gravity of the gasoline, the more oil there is for the same capacity.

7, the wider the tire cost oil, the more soft tire cost oil, grasping the good performance of the tire cost oil. It is recommended not to change the ordinary tire into a wide tire, bending beam is fuel saving, one is light weight, two is narrow tire.

8, speed, generally speaking 40-50 km/h, speed 3500-4200 the most fuel efficient, speed is too low or too high fuel consumption, less than 25 km or more than 75 km fuel consumption.

9, other configuration, if the rear box or bumper, fuel consumption will increase, because in addition to increasing the dead weight, but also increase the air resistance.


10, tire pressure, if the tire pressure, fuel consumption increases by 15%. The oil consumption rate and tire pressure is very related, usually with a person or slightly insufficient tire pressure, fuel consumption up about 15%; If the tire pressure is seriously insufficient, or the person with too much, too much cargo or too joyride, motorcycle fuel consumption will increase significantly.

11,; Air filter is not clean, I compared the impact of this on fuel consumption, 100 km in 0.15 oil. The previous time the empty filter was put into the pot, and then cleaned, after the same commute, fuel consumption immediately decreased. Air filter is not clean, not only fuel consumption will be high, poor power.

12, oil, the right oil to help reduce fuel consumption, winter with thin point, summer with thick point.

13, concentration ratio, if the concentration of the lower point, will save oil, but the power will fall, adjust the high point, fuel consumption increases, power enhancement.

14, driving to have foresight. If you see a red light at a crossroads, slow down and wait for the green light to accelerate. This alone can save more than 20% in urban areas.

15, to complete the vehicle repair, maintenance work. If engine spark plugs and air filters are properly maintained, they can add 10 percent to the mileage per kilogram of gasoline.