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What harm does motorcycle use inferior spark plug to have?
Release date:2019.11.05

The function of spark plug is to convert the high-voltage voltage from the high voltage packet into electric spark, which ignites the mixture of gasoline and air in the engine combustion chamber to make the engine start and run normally. Spark plugs need to withstand ultra-high voltage (20,000-30,000 volts), ultra-high temperature (2,000-2,500c) and high-explosive pressure (50kg/cm2) when working.

Spark plug ignition process


The following hazards can be caused by the use of inferior spark plugs:

It is inferior spark plug central electrode material is poor. The central electrode is not made of special nickel alloy material (there is no embedded copper core inside), which has poor thermal conductivity and is very easy to melt. The melting of the electrode may cause damage to the piston, cylinder body and other relevant parts.

Inferior spark plug electrode melted

Second, the poor quality of insulation material spark plug. Poor electrical conductivity (insulation), unable to withstand the ignition of high voltage, prone to leakage, engine ignition is not normal, not ignition, vehicle jitter and other faults.

The piston was damaged by the use of inferior spark plugs

Third, the poor quality spark plug anti - electromagnetic interference ability. Spark plugs have no internal resistance, can not resist electromagnetic interference, on the contrary, will produce electromagnetic interference signal.

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