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How to maintain the motorcycle in winter?
Release date:2019.11.05

Winter because of the low temperature, in the motorcycle in the start and drive there will be a lot of problems, so we need to have a better maintenance of the car in winter, so that we can better use, we will learn a simple winter motorcycle maintenance common sense, will give us a lot of help.

Winter, because the temperature is lower, so our oil must also choose special suitable for winter use, general oil viscosity in the winter when not enough, and so on and so forth, so that at the time of use, can make the engine wear, general winter so we can use the lower viscosity of oil, the oil can very good use in the winter, and have very good protection of engine, won't make excessive engine wear and tear, but also a better start, so in the winter when the oil must be a reasonable choice.


Motorcycle in the winter, cold start, it is difficult when we start good motorcycle is best for car there is a hot car process, generally takes five minutes or so, it will make the inside of the engine oil sufficient lubrication, and can avoid because of the heat bilges cold shrink to bring some of the abnormal wear and tear, reduce the fault of the motorcycle, we know that if winter driving motorcycle made up, the first motorcycle driving less stable, will have the feelings of frustration, and will die, so in use, must first preheating, such ability can guarantee when riding smoothly.

Belongs to the water, there are some motorcycle we owners in the winter, you need to in the winter comes, early replacement of cooling water, can according to the proportion of distilled water and antifreeze 1 to 1, mixed use, so after replacement of cooling water, can better help us to drive and start, but also won't appear as frosty ice and bring the tank.

Of motor in the winter, we don't too fast, a lot of young people to play handsome, when driving too fast, we need to know in the winter, the road will appear in the icy phenomenon, if you drive too fast, can appear the situation of the slide, this time we can to reduce the wheel pressure appropriate, this will increase the wheels and the friction of the ground, so for motorcycle maintenance is also good, also won't appear slip, etc., bring to our security will also help.

Because of the low temperature in winter, we should try to reduce the use of motorcycles when driving, but also to strengthen the warmth, to avoid the joint frostbite, to their own very big injury.