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You know what? Motorcycles are also fitted with airbags.
Release date:2019.11.05

Motorcycle has been known as "meat wrapped in iron", according to the Japanese local accident analysis center statistics know that in recent years motorcycle accidents, the brain hit by the death rate accounted for 42%, all parts of the body ranked first, 37% of the accident head become the main impact site.

At a technology presentation in Japan, Honda unveiled its new technology for motorcycle crash safety.


The developed airbags sit under the bibcock handle of the scooter, where the front space is located, and are deployed using speed sensors to detect head-on collisions. Airbags extend upwards when deployed to protect the motorcyclist's head and upper body.

When a front/side collision occurs between the motorcycle and the car, the airbag reaches the working state between 0.04 and 0.05 seconds, which reduces the impact force of the first wave for the driver's head.


However, the new airbag is only in the development stage of the technology, and has not been equipped with any production cars, Honda did not specify when the airbag will be on the market.

We expect this technology to give riders more protection and minimize the risk of accidents.