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Why can't you give your motorcycle engine oil for a long time?
Release date:2019.11.07

      Today let's talk about motor oil. Can a motorcycle use motor oil from a car? There are a lot of people for convenience, heart and feel that oil is a kind of thing, so the motorcycle is also added car oil, but the additives are not the same, the anti-wear agent in the car oil for motorcycle is toxic.


      Especially wet clutch, motorcycle engine oil and auto oil add wet clutch's biggest difference is their anti-wear agent, and like most of the scooter, and USES the dry clutch motor oil can be used, if it is wet clutch motorcycle use car engine oil, the first attached on the clutch for a while, will lead to high temperature sliding, the second will adhere to the body surface in the engine, most of the motorcycle, especially large displacement high speed motor, there will be an engine body coating.

      Third motorcycle oil duct is very fine, use car engine oil, oil sludge easily once the oil sludge is very troublesome, car and motorcycle actually there's a big difference, high speed of the motorcycle, calorific value is big, and engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil use a kind of oil, so the motorcycle engine oil is not suitable for the use of automobiles.


        I know two examples: the nearby have a friend, ride is 125, yamaha motorcycle crankshaft is broken, back to the manufacturer free replacement, feedback is given as a result, the long-term use of oil is unqualified, it is the long-term use of car engine oil, there is a friend to put in car's total oil motorcycle, engine sounds wrong after use, the noise is too big, in return for motorcycle engine oil.