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When motorcycle "hibernate", what are we need to pay attention to?
Release date:2019.11.07

Note before motorcycle "hibernation"

1, first clean the motorcycle, air or dry, oil or butter. Exposed moving parts (such as chains), adjusting bolts, bearings, etc. should also be coated with oil or butter rust prevention after washing.

2. The gasoline should be released from the fuel tank and sealed in the container. Otherwise, the "light component" in the gasoline will be reduced (volatilized into the atmosphere) for a long time, resulting in the motorcycle starting difficult or unable to start the phenomenon. At the same time, the carburetor should also be put out of gasoline, prevent impurities in gasoline blocking the carburetor orifice, oil channel and other components.

3, take down the battery from the car and wipe it clean, before the car stopped using, add enough power in a dry place, and add power once a month. Do not release the electrolyte in the battery to prevent the plate from being exposed to air and causing plate oxidation.

4. A certain amount of oil should be injected into the muffler of a four-stroke motorcycle. Remove the muffler from the car and add a small amount of oil from the front of the exhaust pipe. Then install the muffler and start the engine to distribute the oil evenly on the inner wall of the muffler to prevent rust.

5. Remove the spark plug, add 20ml pure four-stroke motor oil for motorcycle into the cylinder from the spark plug, install the spark plug, turn off the ignition pin switch (OFFN), step on the starting lever for 5-6 times to evenly distribute the oil on the cylinder wall. If there is no foot to start the motorcycle can take off the spark plug cap, open the ignition lock switch (ON position), press the start button for 2-3 seconds.

6. Maintain standard air pressure on front and rear tires. If the tire pressure is too low will make the tire premature aging altogether produced cracks.

7, finally, the motorcycle parked in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture, lest rust. Motorcycle is unfavorable long-term open air park, will accelerate the aging of motorcycle appearance otherwise, prematurely become old.


Note after motorcycle "hibernation"

1. Check the oil mark on the ground

If the vehicle has been parked in the garage for a period of time, check the ground directly below the vehicle before driving to make sure there are no oil stains on the ground.

Battery charging

Motorcycle in the park after a winter, the battery is often in the state of loss of power, the vehicle will sometimes start difficult. This is when you need to charge your car.

Please note that the positive end of the charger should be connected to the positive end of the battery and the negative end of the charger should be connected to the negative end of the battery. If the two are connected in reverse, the charger, battery and vehicle electrical damage will be caused

Check the oil level

Oil level inspection is a very important work, is also the most prone to error, the owners of common mistakes have three, one is not hot car, two is not to maintain the body upright, three is the hot car immediately after the end of the inspection.

What to do instead: lift the car on its main support, start the engine to warm up to at least 60 degrees, and then turn it off for three to five minutes. The level you see through the oil window is correct.

You can see that there is a red circle on the oil window. After proper operation, the oil level should be between the highest and lowest of the circle.

Inspection of coolant

The coolant inspection of R1200GS is relatively simple. There is an observation port behind the tank on the right side of the body. We can clearly see the marks of upper and lower limits.

V. tire inspection

Different models have different requirements on tire pressure. For the 15 R1200GS ADV, the front tire pressure is 2.5bar and the rear tire pressure is 2.9bar. The customer can check the standard tire pressure in the user's manual.

At the same time owners can also check the degree of wear and tear on the tire, the depth of the tread pattern is not less than 1.6mm.

Brake system inspection

Check brake pad and brake oil. In the process of use, the brake pad will wear out gradually. In order to ensure your riding safety, please make sure that the groove of the brake pad is clearly visible. With the wear of the brake pad, the liquid level of the brake fluid in the brake oil cup will gradually decrease, so the next step is to ensure that the liquid level of the brake fluid in the oil cup is higher than the lower limit MIN.